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World of Darkness: Ghosthunters. Any news?

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    Originally posted by Fat Larry View Post
    That seems a bit strange to me. Maybe a typo?
    Pretty sure it's not.

    Considering its place on the MMN already went through and edit, when it was accidentally listed as "Ghost Stories" in Art Direction.
    Because I thought Ghost Hunters was already pretty much complete and close to being released.

    These KSs aren't for funding on completing the book. They're for finding the creation of Deluxe editions, as well as extra supplements via Stretch Goals. And remember: the book is going to get made regardless if the KS is successful or not.


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      How come this Ghost-Hunters isn't a Wraith supplement? That's pretty bizarre lol

      V5 is the Gehenna everyone was raving about


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        I believe because it's a "mortals" books about humans (and I presume certain "twilight people" like psychics, mediums, and the like) who investigate and/or hunt ghosts. Aside from that, the concept has a lot of crossover potential, as those sort of investigators could potentially stumble across Caerns, Nodes, spirits, Bygones, chimera, vampire havens, demons, and assorted slumbering monsters in their activities.

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          Oh, it's been there for a while, but Ghost Hunters in Art Direction is listed as having its KS Assets being "prepped".

          Me? I'm placing bets on this being the next KS after Legendlore wraps up.


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            LOL this is very similar to an idea I had for a "Reality TV show" based campaign of all mortals.

            "We're here at the infamous Valkenburg Institute to do an overnight investigation."