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  • Software for interactive map?


    I i'm currently working on a new game that I will be the storyteller. Among a lot of things to prepare, I want to have a map where I can see all the major points of interest in my city where the game will take place.

    Does anyone have any suggestion regarding a software that I could use to '' pin '' stuff on a city map?

    Also, I want to use a real city, so I will have to search for a downloadable version of this map...

    (If this has already been talked about before, sorry in advance and pls give me the link to the thread)

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    Hey! why dont you use google map? i did this for copenhagen a while back (the campaign didnt run long, so not a lot on it, but i'm sure you can see the potential!)
    its easy to use. i think you just click the 3 dots on the left side, to the right of where it says copenhagen and then just say 'new map' and you should be on the way


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      Wow! I looked at the link and I am amazed about what you can do with Google Map. I didn't know that you could do something like that.

      Thank you very much for the reply Lycaniz!