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    no one has released a new edition of "Demons", but they were mentioned in vampires 20th and DAV20 + Black Hand.

    Actually, the question is how to describe the power of the arch- "demon". In their book there are only forces up to 5 points, after 5 points there comes the strength of very powerful dukes.

    Can they have more than 5 points in one Lore? Or do all archdemones simply use standard powers and rituals and a very large supply of faith?

    Let's say we have a demon that has sheltered Inconnu from enemies. He does not have the power to do such things, but the contract between him and the vampires (as well as 1000 souls every year) gives him the strength to do so.
    But did this demon have power in some Lore which is not available to the other elohims? Like 6 points in Lore?
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    Demons have no tier 6. But, they do have Mastery (which radically increases their scale, sometimes to globally powerful if they have enough of it) to augment their powers. Personally, I would advise you just to use Umbrood not DtF demons. DtF demons are... complicated and not at all balanced, even within their own rules. Too complicated and unbalanced to properly mesh with the other game lines. Taken to their logical conclusion, they end the world within a couple years of returning to Earth.

    If you do insist on using DtF, I'd suggest you treat their Lores as Minor Spheres from Mage with more permanent/large scale (outside of Mastery bs) effects requiring rituals. Meaning, they have effects based on the general theme of the Lore. Makes them... vaguely functional for cross splat purposes. Example: Lore of Portals is all about travel and warding. If you treated Portals 5 as a minor sphere it would be able to teleport, keep things in, out and generally build connections between places (which is also Paths... But, as I stated earlier Demon is really bad at mechanics)


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      Nickanurenaru had wonky powers that didn't really seem as well thought out as advertised. He filled this weird niche of being supposedly way stronger then Methuselah but waaay weaker then Antes.

      But I want them to redo the Demon system, we need a revision like Changeling Got! Because Demon powers were like vampire Disciplines, which made no sense they should have been more like Mage Spheres/Pillars or Fae Arts, or even 5th ed Vampire Disciplines. It was alleviated somewhat with Ritual magic, but it makes no sense since that magic was invented during the war to fight and defend, yet its the only magic we have for Demons that can represent designing and manifesting Creation.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        not at all balanced
        It is more about magicians than demons.
        Mages do not even need "experience" to study new power of spheres combinations.

        So... demons only increase their "internal battery" and improve their skills/Lores. Ok.
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