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The Imbued vs. Awakened

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  • The Imbued vs. Awakened

    I’m running a Hunter: The Reckoning chronicle that will feature a cabal of mages as antagonists. Does anyone know which—if any—books flesh out how awakened magic interacts with edges and conviction? I’m particularly interested in mage supplements as sometimes the hunter supplements water-down some of the flair of the supernatural splats.

    Edit: me not spell so good

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    The Spellbound is the Hunter supplement that goes into more details on mages, but is of course not a full treatment of Ascension.

    IIRC the revised Mage ST Handbook addresses crossover in some loose terms, but doesn't get into a detailed discussion of things like power interactions.

    From my experience with both games though, it's not too hard to run powers as written. The HtR rules are hardest to mesh with the supernaturals that have more innate powers than mages. One of the issues is the simplified HtR systems run afoul of things like how VtM treats spending blood to augment physical Attributes and the physical Disciplines as separate things with separate rules, while HtR's vampire rules treats them as the same to keep it easier.

    Since mages do almost everything as magic, it's less of a problem since you're not going to have that sort of thing to sort through.


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      thanks for the response, this helps.

      Would you allow Mage counter-magick to undo edges - for instance, dissolving the "cleave" edge?


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        I wouldn't. Just like the Second Sight protects a Hunters mind and body from mystic interference, Edges aren't something that falls under the Spheres to apply one to manipulate them (though you could have an interesting campaign built around the 10th Sphere of Telos and it actually allowing mages to affect Imbued with magic).

        Keep in mind though, that nothing stops a mage from doing all sorts of things to interfere with the attacks using Cleave, and most mages excel at being clever in this sense anyway.