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Mail order Bride Services in World of Darkness (And Mechanics for using them)

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  • Mail order Bride Services in World of Darkness (And Mechanics for using them)

    Think its something PEntex would be involved in.

    For Mechanics Im wanting a way to make her fall completely in love with her new husband so much so that she will not even think of divorcing him and sueing for his martial assets.

    Heard that's happened sometimes.

    Or maybe spot the intention of doing such a thing?

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    I posted a bit in the PENTEX inspiration thread in the Werewolf forum.

    As far as making a spouse eternally loyal or obedient, it would depend on the circumstances and what sort of being, supernatural or otherwise, is involved. Vampire has the blood-bond/addiction used for creating Ghouls, as well as the powers of Dominate and Presence. (I am a fan of Requiem's use of Devotions/"alloyed" discipline powers, and if you used such things in Masquerade, you could probably do some interesting ones using those two, as well as Auspex.) From a horror perspective, a character under the influence of - ie, enslaved by - the blood bond may start developing Derangements such as obsessive-compulsive behaviors centered around their dominator, self-injury behaviors born out of self loathing at their condition, additional addictions to various drugs or alcohol, and the like. Characters under excessive Dominate influence may become "glitchy" in carrying out their programing. Even Presence is likely to end up causing psyche damage. (John Steakley's novel Vampire$ includes one of the better demonstrations of the damage Presence can cause to a victim; the film version doesn't touch on it.)
    With Werewolf, I can't recall specific "mind control" or manipulation Gifts, but I know they exist. (I want to say the Galliard auspice has some.) Also the various psychic powers used by those gifted (or cursed) with such things. Certain fomori powers would also work. Garou - and some other breeds - might use a mail order bride/match making service to find a potential mate (kinfolk or otherwise). I could also see some sort of Ananasi would-be Bluebeard who "collects" spouses via mail order and eventually puts what is left of them in their trophy case.
    With Mage (and Sorcerer), there's Mind magic and the various ways it can manifest. The classic love potion in the more obvious mystic angle, as is psychic mesmerism. (I don't have any books handy at the moment, but I think most of the write ups for Alchemy and Herbalism mention love potions.) On the more Technocratic side of things, there's NWO brainwashing, Iteration X cybernetic brain implants, and Progenitor retroviruses that rewire parts of the brain. As with the Vampire powers, any of these might end up backfiring in tragic ways. (There's also the possibility of going the route of Ira Levin's novel The Stepford Wives, with "ideal" women made using advanced robotics/animatronics. The original 1975 film adaption is OK; the sequels are skip-able and the 2004 remake completely misses the point and all of the horror. The 1998 film Disturbing Behavior is a similar concept involving reprograming "troubled" teens.)
    In Wraith, there exists the potential that a living person who is in love with one of the restless dead might seek out a spouse on the basis that they look nigh-identical to the ghost, with the idea of having the ghost possess the person in order to "live again". This may even go as far as using the Phantasm power to rip out the living person's soul so that the wraith can take up permanent residence in the body.
    Changeling would run along the same lines as Vampire or Mage, with the use of enchantment, various Arts or magical items to bend the new spouse to the Fey's will. Sovereign would be the power that covers that sort of thing, IIRC.
    I really can't recall enough specifics from Mummy, Demon or other games to say how they'd do such a thing. Though with an old school mummy (or a magic user skilled in ancient Egyptian name magic) who had access to the spouse's true name might be able to use it as a means of control.

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