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"Mobile Bases," in the World of Darkness

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  • "Mobile Bases," in the World of Darkness

    Havens, Septs, Chantries, Freeholds, Haunts, etc. A general aspect of World of Darkness is that each splat has its version of a Secret (or not-so-secret) Lair, which also tends to dictate the societal structure of said splats. After all, when resources for your magic fuel are in short supply, a feudal consolidation and allocation system does make sense in hindsight.

    This question is more about "Mobile" bases and their relative availability/difficulty. What sort of hurdles are faced, whether they are traditional or practical, in order to get then up and running?

    As far as "Mobile" Hives, MIR the Space Station was consecrated by Bane-possessed Cosmonauts, leading to Space Spirals. Could, say, a private ship, be consecrated in such a manner?

    Changeling has two examples: A Mississippi Riverboat with a Balefire (from Kingdom of Willows), and the Dreaming Reflection of Baba Yaga's hut.

    Presumably, Technocrats have Primium reactors aboard their Horizon Constructs too.

    What makes Mobile Bases worth it, and what challenges are faced when making one?

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    Originally posted by MagicJuggler View Post
    As far as "Mobile" Hives, MIR the Space Station was consecrated by Bane-possessed Cosmonauts, leading to Space Spirals. Could, say, a private ship, be consecrated in such a manner?
    A space station orbits a planet at a set velocity. So do moons, and planets for that matter (Earth isn't static in space, its orbiting around the Sun. The same way the Moon orbits around the Earth.) In that sense you could claim any 'base' is mobile, it becomes an issue of whether its predictable mobility or not.

    Mage 20th had the 'Legneds' Background which can turn a person (or object IIRC) into a Walking Node, so in theory you could make a mobile Chantry as well. Or perhaps a Caern (since Caerns and Nodes are sometimes the same thing.)

    Vampires are simpler. There's a RV thats a probable haven of a gangrel in Time of Thin Blood (Inceptor sample character was embraced by a Gangrel)

    Specific advantages/challenges may depend on character (Sunlight for vampires for example) but common challenges will be size (a static location is easier to build onto than a mobile home, without some sort of magical assistance), and ease of defense (again tied to size, but also location.) On the other hand mobility can make it harder for enemies to locate and concentrate on you (potentially - you have to take other measures to guard against location at the same time though) so.. it depends I think?


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      Originally posted by Mister_Dunpeal View Post
      Mage 20th had the 'Legneds' Background which can turn a person (or object IIRC) into a Walking Node, so in theory you could make a mobile Chantry as well.
      It's also worth noting that the Legend background has always made it so it's not just the Mage who generates Quintessence, but anyone or anything that accompanies their Legend. So long as the person or thing plays their role in the Legend being reenacted, they produce Quint. An example of this would be a Mage who channels the Legend of Robin Hood, that is surrounded with analogues for any of his Merry Men, Maid Marian, or even the Sheriff of Nottingham as Robin's antagonist. As would a forest that could stand in for Sherwood Forest.

      If we're talking about a mobile base interacting with Legend, we merely have to look at Legends that are heavily attached to iconic vehicles. Like Davy Jones and his ship, the Flying Dutchman.


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        The idea of a mobile Haven in Vampire is the easiest to do. The film Near Dark includes one, and Christopher Moore's (comedic) vampire trilogy (Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck, and Bite Me) includes an upscale yacht modified to serve as a vampire's haven. Stephen King's short story "The Night Flyer" also includes a great example, and one that specifically fits with the Tzimisce weakness. The concept works perfectly well with things like private subway cars (back when that was a thing during the late 19th and early 20th century in places like New York), riverboats, private jets (even your own version of Air Force One; see the recent story of a Saudi oil billionaire who accidentally bought his young son a pair of Airbuses for his birthday, thinking he was buying scale models), and the like. The classic 70s van would make an amusing private haven. The biggest issue is maintenance and upkeep, as keeping a vehicle of any kind running requires time and effort as well as money.

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          In the C20 Ready Made Characters book, there's also a Freehold inside of a double-decker tour bus. Mobile Freeholds are interesting since in some ways they'd be harder to be identified as a freehold as long as the Changelings don't go around straining the Mists, but since it moves around actually finding the place might be a challenge, especially if there's some kind of emergency.

          Mobile freeholds/caerns/etc. would also be more vulnerable to certain things, that BSD satellite Hive might find itself getting hit by a stray booster rocket or a passing comet (Maybe a pack of Garou could convince Rorg to send one of his asteroids to do the job.) If the base is on a boat it will have to deal with rough waters and strong storms, and that bus freehold has to be careful about other vehicles or it could get wrecked in a traffic accident.
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            In order to keep my own personal sanity, I am going to test some houserules/tweaks for Freehold Creation, and may end up adapting some for some homebrew Node/Caern rules. The main initial houserules I am testing are:
            1) The Balefire rating of a Freehold may not exceed the Size rating of the Freehold by more than 1.
            2) "Mobile" is a unique perk for a Freehold, which costs 1+the size of the Freehold in question.

            I am contemplating some more minute tweaks there, such as "Glamour to Dross" serving as a storehouse function, whether to add "Flaws" to the Freehold for extra points, how to adapt Nocker Power Armor to these rules, etc.

            For Werewolf, General Lee was a totem that explicitly inhabited a restored automobile, so the idea of a Caern having that Totem (a "Motorcade" of such restored vehicles which have to maintain perimeter across a central caravan car) is also another potential point of interest.