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  • Characters inspired by movies and TV

    Some activity in a subreddit made me think of something.
    Please tell us a character you want to run that is inspired by a bit of business from a movie or TV show. Please post a link to an example.
    I'll go first.
    I want to run a Wraith the Oblivion character based on Large Marge.
    Now, you have a go.

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    Is this just for the purpose of PCs we want to play, or can we include NPCs for games we are storytelling?


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      Either, or even something else. I started the thread in the spirit of fun - just keep it fun and link to a video to cite the character.


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        I ran a Changeling game last year with a few characters lifted almost directly from this movie: Shopping

        Jude Law's character was the inspiration for both the leader of a gang of teenage Changelings and a Vampire street criminal, Sadie Frost's character was the inspiration for a street Mage, Sean Bean's character became a criminal Ventrue Elder, and Sean Pertwee inspired another street Mage who was the mentor for the Sadie Frost inspired character.

        So one movie brought forth five major characters or NPCs - that's pretty good going!

        p.s. It also has a brief appearance by a young British actor you might have heard of: Jason Isaacs
        p.p.s. IT's also well worth watching if you get a chance, very rare to see that many talented actors in the early part of their careers.