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Kindred of the East and Virtue Max

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  • Kindred of the East and Virtue Max


    I have a doubt about the Virtue Pair Max, and Trait Max based on Dharma: does the Trait Max limit the Virtue Max value? For example, is a Dharma 3 Kuei-Jin limited to a maximum Hun of 5?

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    IMO no it is not. It is possible to skew your virtues completely in one direction or the other, but you run the risk of virtue or soul imbalance. I dont have my books with me, but iirc there is a flaw attached to each state of soul imbalance. However there can be a benefit in certain circumstances as well, for instance, Yang Imbalance allows you to conceive a child.


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      I believe the cap for virtues is 10, even for brand spanking new characters. So you can push your virtues all over the place if you wanted, and have 10 Yin or 10 Po, but there are some pretty big drawbacks for being imbalanced in one direction or the other. As a result, if you raise one virtue you'll either need to just accept the imbalance penalties that come with being imbalanced (which might be cool for some characters like a Bone Flower being imbalanced towards Yin) or see about also spending experience to raise the commensurate virtue to reachieve balance.


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        Yeah, Virtues go up to 10, so long as the pair of Virtues combined doesn't also exceed the Dharma limit.