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    Couple of questions about ancestor rites (rites that crown a Kuei-Jin as an Ancestor that is):
    1. The rites Naming the Ancestor (Resplendent Cranes p. 65) and Welcoming the Penangallan (Thrashing Dragons p. 59) substitute the older rite Crowning the Ancestor (Blood and Silk p. 97), so what happened with that rite? Does no longer work or people have forgotten it?
    2. If a rite no longer works (probable case with Crowning the Ancestor) those under its effect lose them?
    3. Can a Kuei-Jin be under the effect of two ancestor rites (Crowning the Ancestor and Welcoming the Penangallan, or Naming the Ancestor and Welcoming the Penangallan)? If so, do the effects overlap or are cumulative?

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    I think the idea is that the spiritual power of Crowning the Ancestor failed to function after the turning of the Fourth Age into the Fifth Age. Many other Kuei-jin powers changed or stopped working when the Age changed, so it wouldn't be surprising if this particular ritual lost its power as well. So I would say that the old ritual no longer works and anyone who was affected by the old ritual lost the effects of it. While it doesn't say so anywhere, I would also heavily suggest that the effects of those rites should absolutely not be cumulative. You just get one or the other. If you undergo a second Ancestor rite, you lose the bonuses from the first one you underwent.

    As an aside, I also assume that these Ancestor Rites are examples rather than the only ones in existence.. Different Dharmas or regions might have their own unique rites, which provide similar though different bonuses for elder Kuei-jin. Again though, I think you should only be able to benefit from one of them at a time.
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      Thanks for the answer, it fits with what I was considering.


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        “Powers change as the time pass” is a good conception I think

        I also suspect wan gui may have many more divine or heaven rites when in legendary Third or early Fourth Age, but most of them lost or changed to more infernal form as the Wheel turns

        And we do not know much about their ancient powers (6+ Godbodies, Fourth Age Rites, etc.)

        *I assume Budhhisattva Rites also exist, for Embracing the True Death in Thousand Whispers