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  • Some odd D:TF ideas

    Long story short: Made a small side project awhile ago to create a sort of alternate universe version of cWOD that had the same mechanics, but didn't have the same inconsistencies in the meta-plot. Quickly realized the some splats needed some mechanics changes because the books were inconsistent on how some things worked. D:TF is one and I'm trying to tweak it, feed-back is appreciated.

    (Preface to 1.) I wanted to use the Dark ages mechanics for things whenever possible because they tended to be better written, balanced, Et cetera(It also means not having to come up with an explanation for why magic changed in universe), but Demon: the Fallen and it's sister Devil's Due have the problem of having entirely different mechanics. So I'm also trying to merge those as best as possible. I'll also be stealing thematic elements from D:tD that I think would work, but nothing else.

    1st change: Merging the Demons. Keep the torment/resolve system from DD(renaming resolve to faith) and turning arcana into a subset of Apocalyptic form options. Devil's Due's system is much more in depth than modern D:tF's and better outlines Torment as a Bad thing with Immediate consequences if left unchecked(consumption and sin addiction), but also something necessary and intrinsic to being a demon(memory and arcana/apocalyptic form options).

    --Lores are the same as before, but now each fallen can Only buy 3 lores from their house or the 2 common lores. The only way to gain outside lores is to devours an angel or another fallen. Normal apocalyptic form abilities are the same, but the limit a fallen can manifest at any one time is 1 in human form and 8 in apocolypic form. A players total number of apocalyptic form powers a demon has access to(but not manifest at once) uses the arcana system. A demon can switch their manifested arcana(I think I'm just going to call them both arcana now) by spending a faith point, rolling faith and getting at least as many successes as the power is worth in points(this roll may be an extended roll with an extra faith point spent each round it's extended).

    --Setting wise, Torment is not just a demons memories of the abyss, it's also how angry the big guy upstairs is with that particular demon Right Now. Having higher torment increases the amount of "I am Here" signals a Demon is putting out to any "Holy" aligned beings. Mechanically, A demon's torment is rolled every session to determine if they'll encounter a being that doesn't take too kindly to demons. 1 success= an inexperienced "Reckoning" style Hunter, 3 successes= a powerful supernatural like a werewolf or a mummy, 5+ successes= an angel from the time of judgement books starting low ranking at 5 exactly and increasing in rank with every success.

    2nd change: Splitting demons and humans. Taking a note from the Time of judgement books, Natural angels don't have talents, skills, or knowledges, now the fallen don't quite either. Fallen can only use the talents/skill/knowledges of their host and do not have them outside of a body(meaning earthbound don't have them at all unless in temporarily possessing someone). If the fallen moves hosts, they must use the T/S/K spread of their current host.

    --Thralls mostly use the modern system for abilities, with the exception that they gain torment rather than loose will power. Thralls that gain higher torment don't have any of the benefits that the fallen experience(arcana and memories), but suffer the drawbacks(consumption, sin addiction, supernaturals hunting them down). It's also worth noting that unless they themselves are supernatural in some way thralls are capped at 5 faith with modern D:tF rules.

    3rd change: Reinterpreting the Lore. Rather than having established courts, demons can now only identify each other by their house, faction and their deeds in the war against heaven(which they need torment to remember). A freshly rolled fallen character is lost, confused, and one bad day away from being sent screaming to the abyss.

    --Factions are also tweaked slightly. First and foremost, the general fallen mindset is that the war against heaven hasn't so much been lost as "Postponed".
    ----The Faustions want to recruit and awaken humanity to it's full potential. They're thus collecting and grooming powerful thralls as sorcerers/mages.
    ----The Raveners are no longer a redundant "Bad-Guy" faction, they're now an emerging faction of fallen who're abandoning the war entirely and using their time out of the abyss to run for the hills.
    ----The Redeemers are Not trying to re-join god(no fallen would after the betrayal they felt during the war), they're now a faction that see the WOD as abandoned by the Host entirely and want to transform it into a second eden by regaining their connection with humanity. Which is much harder with the other factions Abyss-Bent getting the host's attention again.
    ----The Luciferians and Cryptics are honestly fine as is.
    ----The Earthbound are the same. Mad Demons convinced they can take the mantle of Capital G.
    ----Finally: Lucifer isn't interested in a New war Vs host. After the war ended he/she specifically waited until the host had lost interest, moving on to other "projects", to re-summon their Generals and rebuild creation into the paradise they always dreamed of(completely host-free). Unfortunately the other's time in the abyss had driven them insane. He/She spends their time avoiding all contact with the fallen and running damage control to prevent The Host coming back to a weaker version of the Rebellion with it's pants down(and likely Finishing the job this time rather than just going the "eternal" punishment route.)
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