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    We are toying with the idea of a Self-Insert chronicle, in which the players will be themselves as they are in the real world and their win condition will be to "fix the world" or at least prevent the end of it.

    Assume that collectively we own all the books of the oWoD, and we will use 20th anniversary rules (V20+V20DA, M20, W20, Wr20, C20).

    Characters will have the PC's real life stats (whatever they end up being, merits and flaws included), their supernatural template of choice (all are Mages), 7 Background dots (only to get supernatural Backgrounds, nothing social), Willpower at 5, no freebies (so Arete is 1 and so are the Spheres), the year is 1997.
    • What are easy/fast, non-evil power-ups for them?
    • What are their better/faster/safer bets to stop the worst case scenarios of the Time of Judgement? We were thinking:
    1. London. Find Charon/Charles Andersen, ally with him.
    2. Worldwide. Find Lyla Yvonne Tzigano and use her help to ally with Lilith.
    3. Worldwide. Find The Perfect Metis, and help him deal with many Apocalypse scenarios (this has to wait until 1999).
    4. Hong Kong. Kill Oliver Thrace (avoid one of the worst Time of Judgement scenarios).
    5. Switzerland. Ally with Horus, use his help to find and kill Eurydice (avoid two Time of Judgement scenarios).
    6. Finland. Kill Louhi (avoid part of one of the worst Gehenna scenarios), should use Horus' (point 5) help to achieve this
    7. Russia. Ally with Durga Syn, use her help to redeem Shazear and help Vasilisa kill Baba Yaga, find Koschei's Soul Egg and throw it into Malfeas.
    8. Kaymakli. Kill Augustus Giovanni (he is not that strong)
    9. Berlin. Ally with Ankla Hotep, use his godly stats and disciplines to fight the Antediluvians when they appear.
    10. Worldwide. Find The Shaper Antediluvian and ally with her.
    11. Transylvania. IF [Tzimisce] is moving, release Kupala (as idiotic as it sounds) and let them kill each other (avoid part of two of the worse Gehenna scenarios).
    12. Worldwide. IF Caine and the Antediluvians are appearing, use Lilith's (point 2), Ankla Hotep's (point 9) and The Shaper's (point 10) help to destroy them (so most Gehenna scenarios never occur, and without Caine in most cases all vampires are destroyed).
    13. Yellow Springs. Ally with Chan and Lei Zu, kill Yu Huang, make Lei Zu queen. Use Charon help (point 1) to achieve all of this.
    14. Yomi Wan. Help Voormas kill Tou Mu, ally with him, and let him and The Unnamed fight each other; destroy the winner (two of the worse Ascension scenarios averted).

    Up to point 5, those are relatively easy (with a bit of experience, even up to point 8): they could still die horribly, but those do not require a lot of personal power, more a lot of meta-knowledge. After that, things are downright suicidal.

    We would love any suggestions on both questions.
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