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oWod / MDT Manager : Tool to create characters

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  • oWod / MDT Manager : Tool to create characters

    Hello everyone,

    I'm game master for Vampire, Mage and Werewolf (classic WoD) since several years, from firsts editions to 20th (yes, I'm old ... !)
    Slowly, I developed a software to manage / generate characters for my players, but in French ...

    Recently, I upgraded it to 20th anniversary editions, and since most of oWoD community speak English, I decided to translate to share it with English community.
    If you're interested in testing it, you can find it here : oWod / MDT Manager

    I'll appreciate any suggestions, requests, bugs reports, translations errors, ... all that can make it evolve !

    Actual functionalities :
    - Manage / Edit characters sheets for Vampire V20 and Mage M20,
    - Export of 4 pages filled character sheet in PDF format

    As the development is in progress, some pop-ups may not have been translated (or badly ...).
    I'm also plan to manage Werewolf W20, but it will need a some time.

    Kryane - Insomniaks

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    I'm downloading this right now! It baffles that this sort of thing doesn't exist already. Thank you so much for your hard work!



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      If you see bugs (Entropy 1 & Arete 2 isn't enough to detect them all :P), please report them

      Kryane - Insomniaks