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Mech Units/Gundam in oWoD

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  • Mech Units/Gundam in oWoD

    How do you simulate them in a chronicle? Systems, stats, etc.

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    M20 is a solid base for this. Just use the vehicle rules to scale up a Technocratic Hardsuit (which is power armor instead of a full Mech).... and you're basically in this territory.


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      If you use them as power armor (which means, slightly bigger than a standard human), then it's totally a Technocratic exoskeleton.

      But, it should be noted that, using our scientific understanding, the human form is really inconvenient for a mechanical vehicle. So anything bigger than an exoskeleton is frowned upon from the scientific consensum (which means probably from the Technocracy's Paradigm too).
      So, if you plan on bringing a real mecha in the game (like from Patlabor-size to bigger ones) then, that's totally an Etherite field.

      Either way, I think both options would be vulgar in nature on Earth (but an exoskeleton could pass as coincidental in hightech areas), but could work excellently in Techomantic-based umbral realm.

      Hell, it would be a sight...

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