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Demon The Fallen: What is the Second World?

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  • Demon The Fallen: What is the Second World?

    Throughout the Demon The Fallen books there is the mention of the Second World. In the Houses of The Fallen it basically says that the Second World isn't a place, but rather an era of Creation that isn't to come for a long time (it also says that the Halaku's place of death is not the Second World). I'm looking for interpretations on what this Second World likely is or could be?

    I’m a writer. A storyteller. They’re my passions. They’re what I do. The stories I tell, they are my mythologies. Like the Norse tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki, or the Celtic fables of Lugh or Cú Chulainn, I want them to be the kind that people retell. They are the legacies I wish to leave behind.

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    My assumption has always been that it is the rising of a new paradise after the collapse of the old world, as described in part by the Cycle of Ages progressing past the sixth and to the twelfth so that Creation shall enter a new and absolute harmony.

    Alternatively, it could be seen as a reference to the Seventh house delivering the souls of dead mortals to a paradisical afterlife or perhaps the Second World is one of a humanity ascendant and noble as suggested perhaps by Ascension and the notion that as mortals were made in His Image, only they can be the artisans of a new paradise to replace the Fallen World and reconstruct a Human Eden.


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      I always assumed if was Heaven, which is an enigma for the Fallen because it's not for them. The appeal of this assumption, to me, is that it adds to the tragedy of the Fallen angels of death. They created the Underworld thinking that they were preserving human souls after death, when what they really created is an obstacle that human wraiths have to overcome before they can get to the afterlife that the Creator built for them.