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    Originally posted by Saur Ops Specialist View Post

    Source on hun being tied to the moon? Because the quoted sources on the wikipedia entry mentioned that po was bright and typically associated with the moon, whereas hun was dark and cloudy, but associated with the sky/heaven.

    I'd just assume cut it out, alongside the D&D-sourced Tou Mu and demon archer.
    My bad. I got them the wrong way round. I'll go back and add a correction. (Side note: my brain fog is really bad at the moment.)

    P'o is 'bright' (yang) but 'moon' (yin). Same point, though: there's a mix of the two concepts. Likewise, in Daoism yang always contains a little bit of yin and vice versa.

    In humans that makes sense. In the Hungry Dead, who are more imbalanced, having them unnaturally twain makes sense, too.
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      Originally posted by Prometheas View Post
      I'm honestly not upset about the fact that KotE took artistic liberties with the mythology of the east, trying to stick to them now would require a massive overhaul of the system and tossing out large chunks of the lore made specifically for the setting. I say leave the majority and just tweak the parts that stuck out the worst.

      I also personally think that the current mess that is KotE better marries the wider WOD systems mechanically than a making the hun/po pull double duty as yin/yang would(at least as a measuring tool on how crossovers mix). I also like the game as is, so I'm biased.

      So I say let the KotE mythology be different.
      There's liberties, and then there's liberties taken 1:1 from Dungeons and Dragons. Having Tou Mu be Tou Mu from Deities and Demigods is way too self-indulgent and on the nose, and very derivative besides.

      As for the Hun and Po, you can mix up the Virtues again and have either of those have a new, different opposed Trait, so that they would be setting up slightly different teeter-totters that sum to the Trait max. You could borrow Torment from D:tF as the Hun's opposite and make it the rating for Demon Chi, and make Self-Control Yin's opposite. If they don't line up to other beings' ratings, that's fine; it was never KotE's aim nor its purpose nor necessity to try and glue everything together. It hardly matters, though; V5's setup pretty much torpedoes any chance of seeing this again. Blood Resonance would probably take the place of the Chi Virtues, and beyond that, the only difference would be giving their "Beast" its own Shadow Archetype and changing around the Disciplines.