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Yama King Ravana and The Rising Phoenix Dharma

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  • Yama King Ravana and The Rising Phoenix Dharma

    Is the Yama King Ravana secretly behind the Rising Phoenix Dharma and using them to regain Sri Lanka and infiltrate the Infinite Thunders Court?

    I’m a writer. A storyteller. They’re my passions. They’re what I do. The stories I tell, they are my mythologies. Like the Norse tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki, or the Celtic fables of Lugh or Cú Chulainn, I want them to be the kind that people retell. They are the legacies I wish to leave behind.

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    ...It was never mentioned as canon in a book, if that's what you were wondering.


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      There was never anything about this in the books and it honestly doesn't seem very likely. If Ravana were behind one of the Heretical dharmas, it's more likely to the Face of the Gods dharma which is extremely popular in India and which is a dharma the Quincunx believes originated with the Yama Kings.