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    Anyone ever think of ways to try and pull WOD into a more modern setting rather than the 90-early '00 setting it likes to stick to? It'd be interesting to see how the setting adapts to things like smartphones and the vast majority of the population having access to the internet rather than computer use being an uncommon skill. It'd also means coming up with new way to turn the ideas of impending Gehenna/Apocalypse/The Sixth Age/etc on their head.

    Here's some personal idea's(warning I like to crossover so that'll taint my views):

    Silent Age: All the ToJ build up happened in an completely unexpected way, Gehenna/Apocolypse/Sixth Age/etc happened silently.

    -Across the world, the spirit wall in cities and urban environments became impassable. Stepping sideways and spirit travel was now only possible in Nodes/Caerns/etc, national parks, or in places untouched by civilization(the avatar storm is ignored though). The war for places of power became twofold and control of Nodes is now worth more than any riches to most factions.

    -The Ante's woke up and are silently hunting the thin-bloods. Think the shadowy presence eating lasombra in Becket's Jyhad Diary and give them a diet of everything >12 gen or caintiff. Blood hunts for high generation vampires become more regular and the camarilla finds itself growing in power to become like a hidden Police-State for vampires. The increased power also comes with control over the Blood Donation "Market" as well, with the thousands of liters of blood normally disposed of by hospitals going through Camarilla "Disposal Companies" and giving them complete control over the safest blood supply in the First World.

    -The Weaver, in a moment of inspiration and madness, opened up the digital web and trapped portions of itself with both the wyrm and wyld in it's strands of code. The warring powers of the triat expanded the power of the internet physically and spiritually across the world, allowing the digital web to spread into the deep and low umbras. All the layers of the spirit realms are now touched by the digital web and anywhere can be reached through it. The process has empowered both the wyld and the wyrm to touch every inch of the umbra, but everywhere they touch also becomes partially Weaverish...

    -The Technocracy has been empowered in the modern age as it's never been before. With the expansion of the internet, technology and scientific consensus have reached every corner of the globe. After the invention of smart-phones, the populous has become ever more willing to accept any invention and projects have made progress centuries ahead of the Time Table. The Mordern technocracy's equipment is more powerful, the vulgar, and more backlash resistant, it's factories are more common and productive than any time in history, and aggressive recruitment has more than doubled personnel size. With all it's resources more plentiful than any time in history, the technocracy has seen fit to re-engage a new Pogrom dedicated to the eradication of any Potential threats to modern consensus. All mages, Bygons , or other reality deviants who choose to make their home on Human territory are given an ultimatum, join the technocracy and submit to reconditioning, run or surrender and be captured for study and reconditioning, or fight and die.