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Spending virtue points for Edges within the same Virtue

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  • Spending virtue points for Edges within the same Virtue

    I'm probably just missing it in the various books but I'm wondering the following: Can a hunter purchase a Level 2 Edge from another creed if they have a level 1 Edge from a different creed within the same virtue?

    Example: Hunter has Defense level 1 Edge, Ward (cost, 1 Zeal Virtue point), and wants to purchase a level two edge from within the same Virtue (Zeal) but from a different Creed, such as Burden from Judgment (cost, 2 Zeal Virtue points. In this case, the hunter does not have the level 1 Judgment edge (Discern).

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    I'm pretty sure either the storyteller handbook or companion had 'alternate' rules for how edges could be allocated or selected, and one of them allowed for more open ended acquisiton than what the HtR Core rules implied, so if the Storyteller agreed I think that would be allowed.


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      You always have to have a lower level Edge in the same path.

      You can never, even under some of the alternate Edge schema, have Burden without one of the published level 1 Judgement Edges.

      The alternate Edge progression rules in the books are less restrictive, but generally by allowing you more Edges, not allowing you to skip them.


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        Got it. Thanks a lot, Heavy Arms. If I'm not mistaken, I think it is confirmed on pg. 90 of the core book.