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How would WoD Supernaturals react to the 2019 nCoV Virus?

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  • How would WoD Supernaturals react to the 2019 nCoV Virus?

    Considering that this virus has implications of a potentially world ending event and also that it could've been engineered, how would Supernaturals in the WoD react to the current nCoV outbreak slowly spreading across the world?

    V5 is the Gehenna everyone was raving about

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    The Vampires and mages would use it as an excuse to detain people and lock of areas.
    Otherwise, the lethality rate is really too low to effect them.

    For ease of reference: "VTM" means every edition that isn't V5, because V5... it's a very different product, and I don't want to write "Pre-V5" because that's lame and I'm lazy.


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      New weapon in the arsenal?
      Also, quite a few spirits are having a blast in Wuhan.


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        Aren't vastly more people dying of the flu, and in a larger percentage of those who've contracted it, than is the case with COVID-19?


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          The Flu is nothing compared to COVID19/nCoV. First of all we have a vaccine for it and the Flu has been around for ages. Also you have a higher chance of survival if you contracted the Flu. I've had the Flu numerous times as child (like most people in this forum I'd assume) and it isn't even that bad, I could still move around without much loss of mobility at all.

          COVID19 on the otherhand is more infectious than the Flu, we don't have a vaccine for it, you could have it without showing no symptoms at all before its too late, it has an extremely high kill rate, and has made People's Republic of China quarantine more people than the entire population of America. You REALLY are buying into "the flu is much worse" propoganda? Also we don't even know the real number of deaths the virus has killed because China is deliberately hiding the numbers or not counting certain conditions from the virus as part of the death tally. We already know their using crematoriums 24/7 to destroy the COVID19 still inside the cadavers of the infected- but despite all evidence already gleaned from leaks, China keeps denying crematoriums aren't being used at all.

          Don't even forget all the factorums in China currently not in use due to the quarantine and how supply is being completely hammered by that. The Chinese government injected $174 billion dollars worth of Yuan in the Stock Market to artificially keep their sector afloat.

          This virus can kill you in two ways- through ARDS or a Cytokine Storm from the sheer overload of your immune system. This thing is much, much more deadlier than the Flu. The worst part is that their is a collaborated effort by the Media to under-report this damn thing.
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          V5 is the Gehenna everyone was raving about


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            Well, there's this map I've seen in several media. It does look legit, but I'm no expert so I can't confirm this.


            Judging by that data, it hasn't killed many of the confirmed cases, but it's still a significant proportion of death compared with those that recovered. And not many have been declared as recovered yet. If that proportion doesn't drop significantly, I would say it's deadlier than the flu.
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              Originally posted by Matt the Bruins fan View Post
              Aren't vastly more people dying of the flu, and in a larger percentage of those who've contracted it, than is the case with COVID-19?
              More people have died of the flu and a higher percentage of flu sufferers die compared to nCOV, yes.

              But those statistics are overall meaningless because one (influenza) is already a global-reaching virus, with predictable patterns and known methods to treat. The other is still isolated and unknown. By April, cases of influenza drop significantly. We don't know what will happen or when it happens with nCOV.

              Comparing raw stats of the two ignores everything around those statistics entirely.

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