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What if XSplat was Set in Y Setting!

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  • What if XSplat was Set in Y Setting!

    Welcome ladies, gentleman and individual of non gender designation!.
    The idea of this game is: Take a Game, any splat or core book and set it in Y Setting. A user will give the suggestion, the rest must come up with some base mechanics, concepts and translations for this. There is no limit on the settings one can choose. so here be the first one im tossing

    "What if Vampire The Masquerade was set in 'Buffy the vampire slayer/angel' setting, how would vampires do their thing, how would you tie the clans to hell and what not and any 'dramatic' mechanic based on the things that joss whedon used to do."

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    Hmm, this is a hard one since I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I guess generally this theoretical crossover book would feature the Imbued, Kindred, and Elohim.. Which to say is a very interesting combination. I'd assume most of the base lore from V:TM and D:TF doesn't change much at all and Buffy would just be an Imbued who has gained Second Sight. Also I'd make it as there is no "Hell" because the Elohim were never sent to Hell, only the Abyss. Also after the first crossover book, I'd do a second one where a new splat is introduced involving Angels instead of Demons. That'll get really get interesting..

    I'll take the next shot: What if Werewolf: The Apocalypse took place in the Resident Evil universe?

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