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When did the Gauntlet go up?

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    Originally posted by Erinys View Post
    It's relevant to me.... I want to know everything. No Bastet can walk away from a secret unless it leads to Yomi Wan or Malfeas ...

    But if it wasn't coherent with the rest of the WoD, then it'd be harder to use it with the other books. I for one don't think all that work was wasted. I hope you don't truly feel that you wasted your efforts.

    Is the published text (that is for sale) much altered by the editors of Paradox/WW, or is it pretty much as it was when you and the OPP editors submitted it?
    Thanks for your support. I'd have to look at the book to be sure, but have a look at the Banestorm and the Wyrm's assault. Pretty sure that's where I started the linkages.

    The text is pretty much what was submitted. The only thing I know WW added was the sidebar. The rest is development and editing changes, pretty minor overall.

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