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Discuss/Try my Celerity/Rage rules.

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  • Discuss/Try my Celerity/Rage rules.

    , when so multiple actions is really, really strong. Many, many people think too strong. But I think powers that increase speed seem natural and common sense, and if possible I'd love to make a balanced, speed increasing power that retains verisimilitude (as opposed to, y'know, giving up and stringing together a bunch of disparate, highly specific speed/dexterity related feats...)
    I don't have my usual gang of fools around to test this though, so I'd really appreciate if any of you could try these rules out/give feedback. The core Idea is thus: Celerity/Rage help you split actions.

    Standard rules:

    When you split actions, you need at least two dice per split.
    Normally, when you split dice you can make up to two melee/brawl attacks per turn without the difficulty increasing, unless you are using active celerity/rage/equivalent. Taking a third action increases the difficulty of all actions by 1, a fourth increases it all by 2 and so on.
    (Guns can attack up to their rate of fire, Attacking up to the rate of fire is the equivalent of one melee attack, So you could brawl/melee once and then attack up to the rate of fire without a dice-splitting penalty, though normal firearm penalties still apply)
    If the difficulty of a split-action meets 10, you fail automatically.

    Passive Celerity: Each dot of Celerity grants one dice for dexterity dice pools. Each dot of Celerity also grants +2 to initiative (These don't stack: someone with 5 celerity has +10 to initiative, not 15).
    Active celerity:
    Celerity doesn't count towards blood-per-turn expenditure (you're increasing the speed of your metabolism!)
    Each time you spend a blood, you gain half your celerity rating in dice rounded up for the purpose of split-dice dexterity pools (this is in addition to what you get from passive celerity). You cannot give a single dice pool a boost of more than your total celerity (If I had 4 celerity, even though I can spend four blood and have 12 dice, I cannot increase any pool by more than four celerity dice. I would start with four celerity dice, each blood point spent would grant me two more celerity dice. I cannot spend one blood and give a single action +6 celerity dice because that would exceed my celerity rating. I would need to split my pool, Perhaps if I did two actions I could grant four celerity dice to the first action and two Celerity dice to the later, or I could split the dice three-three)
    Every odd number of blood you spend on celerity allows for another attack without difficulty penalties (This includes firearms) Using the last example, I could put my six celerity dice into six different melee attacks, but I would be at +3 difficulty as things get more difficult after 2+half of blood spent rounded up (3) actions.

    Celerity also helps you do non-combat things faster. Passive celerity offers single digit percentage improvements. Spending a blood in a sprint should offer... maybe 30% speed boost? Not really sure. Multiplying your speed by too much carries implications with it (I want the discipline to be cohesive and not really good at some things and not at others because... balance) , whilst making the speed boost too weak means you're not going to have any luck running from Wolves. Celerity might help with other pools that require a fast reaction (Namely wits or perception) at storyteller's discretion.

    Celerity level and Passive/Maximum dice Dice gained per blood
    1 1
    2 1
    3 2
    4 2
    5 3

    One blood spent- 1 extra action without penalty
    Three blood spent- 2 extra actions without penalty
    Five blood spent - 3 extra actions without penalty.

    Alternative use for celerity (because it's time manipulation)
    On a Brawl/Melee (Never ranged) or dodge roll, each blood point spent converts one celerity dice into one level. This can only be done for one attack a turn.

    I also have physical disciplines increase in range as they get stronger, affecting nearby items at your convenience. But that's not really something I feel needs finetuning as much as everything else
    1-your body alone
    2-Your clothes (more relevant for potence/fortitude.)
    3- Items you hold. (your phone would load a little faster! Your rifle will cycle quicker!)
    4- roughly Man sized objects you're near; a barrel, desktop computer, car door,
    5- A car.

    Rage: (Anger autopilot. Spiritual acceleration)
    You can spend half of your rage (Permanent or temporary; Whichever is higher) each turn. When you do, you add half your Rage in dice per Rage spent, which you can add to split actions (Maximum half your rage per action) You need at least two dice in each pool before you add the rage. So long as you can put one rage die in every split pool, you don't get a penalty for multiple attacks.
    You gain +1 difficulty per expenditure should you spend more rage than you have dots of Dexterity/Wits (The Wits is waved in frenzy) Every odd rage spent increases the number of non-firearm attacks that can be made in a turn

    Grryzhaaark is in frenzy and has seven permanent rage, ten temporary rage, so she can spend five rage this turn. She does. She gains five (half 10), five (Half 9, RU), four (half 8), Four (half 7 ru) Four (She's using her permanent now because it's higher)* She can attack five times, She has 22 extra dice but she can add no more than five rage dice to any split action.
    (*Might just use a flat starter rating for rage expenditure so nobody needs to do maths in game; IE she started the turn at 10 rage so she gets 5 rage dice for each expenditure. Being above your permanent rage is pretty uncommon, so maybe it's fine)

    Something along the lines of the other two. I don't know what you're doing or how you're doing it. You do you. If anyone's got a good grasp of the most likely methods mages would use to increase their speed and how that'd be done mechanically using a similar emphasis on splitting dice, I'd love to read about it.
    Changeling/Wraith: Ditto. Though if I recall correctly multiple actions wasn't so big a thing for them. Demons might as well adopt either the Vampire or Werewolf way.
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