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Has anyone Made Psychics a Major Template?

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  • Has anyone Made Psychics a Major Template?

    So I'm thinking I want to try making Psychics a Major splat. And I will crib some ideas from Psion. Like I'm thinking of tying it into the Avatar Storm and the Technocracy. So After the Week of Nightmares normal humans with psychic powers have their third Eye awakened, one of the implications I'm thinking of tossing in is excess Avatar shards may suffuse the psychic's nascent avatar. These will be called the Precursors. Meanwhile those with inactivated psychic potential become new psychics called Psiads. A secret conspiracy called Project Ginunngagap is creating artificial Psychics called Psions. This is actually an offshoot of Project Ragnarok working as an emergency asset for Humanity to beef up the Technocracies forces for the awakening of more Haemetavore Ancients (Zapathsura shook them) while they lost access to CONTROL and the Technocratic leaders in the Umbra. So they work to clear out problem areas like Sabbat Nests, Nephandi, the rising of the Dead, and Demons, while sweeping in to put some doomsday pressure on the loosing Tradition Mages.

    I also have another idea I had for a long time about Enhanced Humans, basically the Technocracy processes entire Nodes into liquid and go all SOLDIER and infuse human subjects with them to make superhumans perhaps similar in some ways to a mix of Exalted and Aberrant. When I get to that I will probably tie it into Project Ginunngagap.

    But also new non major splat psychics are also more common but they aren't guaranteed to become Psiads, and I'm not sure if I will have them be able to become Psions. Lets call them Psymps for now, and they are usually limited to one power.

    Now to make this a major stat I'm thinking of the various things to add to the template. I'm thinking of a powerstat, and I'm going with Animus, with the fuel called Cogito.

    I'm thinking they can use Cogito lower the difficulty of using their psychic powers, and maybe to activate an amplified effect.

    As a major splat they would be immune to the Delirium and other similar fear amnesiatic effects. I'm also thinking Psiads will be resistant to the memory deleting mists of the Dreaming. I'm also thinking like the Imbued they will be tough for demons to possess but they will make perfect hosts if they are possessed.

    Now tossing out some ideas. I'm thinking they will have a phenomena called Synchronization that will lower disbelief for Changelings and Mages if they believe or Synchronize with them. They can also Synchronize with the Environment to lower the Gauntlet/Shroud/Banality But those Psiads are hardwired via gaining their powers from the Wells of Mimir (basically the Prometheus Chambers of Psion) to only Desynchronize with Reality Deviants artificially raising the difficulty of things but perhaps reinforcing the Technocratic paradigm making it easier for enlightened Science, and having minimal effects on even weird Etherite and Virtual Adept Technomancy.

    Naturally I am going to boost the number of Psychic Paths. I'm not sure about importing the idea of Modes. I may have Psions More limited in the number of paths they can master but making their favored path much stronger and easier for them, while Psiads can learn many paths. Due to the effects of Sychronization and the fact that Psions are supressing reality Deviants I'm thinking some of the Psiads will have sorcery available to them because they can lower the difficulty with Synchronization and it represents being mentored by the Traditions. I always had opposite opinion on the advice in the Sorcerer Books that Psychics would pay extra for Sorcery because they are rare and sorcery is rare so someone with both would be double rare. I was more of the opinion that Psychics are more likely to catch the attention of the supernatural community and would be more likely then normal to be exposed to sorcery and have a magic user as a mentor.

    I may instead go the opposite route and Have Psiads be naturals at the favored powers but not as versatile so they have options like sorcery. While Psions are artificially restricted with the side effect of being able to learn many more different paths, maybe hoping versatile but weaker is easier to control, and learning Enlightened Science Numina will be less prevalent as they will have the Psions just concentrate on their powers and they could always just have Extraordinary Citizens with the Superscience.

    I'll nab backgrounds from other gamelines, like Dream, Destiny, and Arcane and Device. And even things like Tulpa for Chimerical Companion and their own version of Familiar.

    Now what are further needed Psychic Paths? I am Thinking of some new paths

    Somnesis: for powers related to the Dreaming, and Chimera. This may be seperated into multiple paths.

    Umbrakinesis: for powers concerning Spirits and essence.

    Necrokinesis: For powers concerning Ghosts, Underworld Travel, and the Soul.

    I may instead make other dimensions tied to Astral Projection as a prerequisite, I'm still deciding. Astral Projection seems like it would be more the natural Psychic method of interacting with other worlds. But they would still have these paths for manipulating the energies of those worlds.

    Vitakinesis and Biokinesis for healing and alterations of biology.

    Cryokinesis for manipulation of thermodynamics in by removing heat.

    Chronokinesis for time manipulation.

    Quantakinesis for the Manipulation of Magic, and Cogito. This would have Synchronization boosting effects in the powerset.

    And I'm thinking each power will have a 6th level or Apex dot. It will both be a mastery level that makes you more powerful in the lower level powers, as well as a unique power that could be different for each Pychic.

    I'm still tooling around but I always wanted to do something like this for my games.

    Any Thoughts or ideas?

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I'm thinking whether I should have it you add your Animus to your Psychic rolls to show you are a new more powerful Psychic, or maybe let you add it to favored paths.

    I'm also wondering about adding another axis of player type beyond the Psion/Psiad divide. Maybe it would determine which powers you are good at. Maybe Thought/Will/Intuition based divide, that way they can have something akin to Caste powers in Exalted.

    And I'm thinking the Children of Psiads are prone to being Latents, and maybe Psions are sterile, a built in safety measure by the Project Ginunngagap Directors, with rumors of Rogue Psions discovering how to break such a limitation.

    For organizations I'm thinking maybe they will just be who you have allegiance with rather then something deeper, but I may change that. I may make subdivisions between them or those could just be filled by your Talent being in Thought/Will/Intuition.

    The Norns: I'm thinking these will be the Psions of Project Ginnungagap along with maybe Psiads that they have captured and Brainwashed. They will have access to support from Extraordinary Citizens along the lines of Strikeforce Zero, Men In Black Clones and some Technocrats disguised as one of these.

    The Transcendant: These will be the rebel Psions who break free from their Leashes. They believe they are the next step in human evolution, and some Psiads will undoubtedly Join them.

    The Mystics: these will be the Psiads who were found by Traditions, Disparates, and Sorcerers. They will explore the trappings of Focus to aid their powers, and they will have the option to learn sorcery.

    The Lucid: these will be those who turn to Dreaming, the Underworld, or the Umbra for guidance. The largest faction will be those who are taken in by the Fae. The Fae at first will think they are a new type of Dreamer as they share much in common with Dreamers. Those who turn to ghosts and spirits will be a bit more fragmented.

    Mavericks: these will be the most common group of Psiads, basically those who discover their psychic powers and either learn about the world alone or with a small group of other psychics.

    I may have you learn a permanent Bonus each time your Raise your Animus Rating, still deciding the nature of the bonus options, but I'm thinking they will vary greatly depending on the path they choose in life or that they wish to chose, so maybe things that make certain powers easier, bonus to Attributes/Abilities, and weird possible mutations.

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      I'm thinking Psiads will have something known as a Ratio Imago, their perfected self image, it will be similar to the Avatar, but Psiads' Imago is fed off of the excess orphaned Avatar Fragments. Psions were created by being dipped into Mimir's Well where they were re-engineered physically and metaphysically. They can not perceive their Ratio Imago, and but their Ratio Imago was shaped by Project Ginunngagap to make them more tractable. The Transcendant Order are those who perceived their Ratio Imago and unchained them.

      The Transcendant Order are said to be the first to have evolved Psychics, basically their version of Archmages, and some of these beings are said to exist purely in Astral Form, some claim to reside in the Digital Web and others in a deep layer of the Astral Realm and the Dreaming.

      Their may be a player option of being Psychic Constructs, Synthezoids designed perhaps first to emulate the mortal reconstructed Shells of the Transcended Ones. They would be Androids and even modified clones mostly used by the Transcendant in an attempt to bolster their numbers since they have no Access to Mimir's well, but the Norns reverse engineer the method through vivisection. And a handful of Etherites and Adapts reconstruct prototype designs. Lets call these blokes Psynths, and they will have built in devices as an option for Backgrounds. The key to their consciousness and ability to develop Animus is through their revolutionary M.U.N.N.I.N. (Mental.Uploaded.Neural.Node.Infrastructure.Networ k) Engines. MUNNIN serves as the artificial brain and nervous system of these beings uploading a fragments of Enlightened Genius drifting in the avatar storm and randomizing them with an array of cultivated memories in order to make a new and whole animating intelligence.

      These beings would perhaps be the purest form of the Ratio Imago outside of the Transcendant Masters. Perhaps they will use a rule different from Psiads and Psions, or maybe they will be of the type that is limited in variety but potent in their specialty, still up in the air. But it would be easier to justify them having naturally superhuman attributes but maybe more limited Psychic options.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Can't wait for this as a Storyteller Vault supplement


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          Originally posted by Archivist View Post
          Can't wait for this as a Storyteller Vault supplement
          I'm getting good feed back for the Ideas I post. This I guess jumped the Queue and will probably be the first PDF for the Vault I finish. Glad the ideas are to your liking. Here is some more that tumbled in my brain this weekend. It kinda explodes the amount of Psychic Options as well as NPCs.

          A few other Player Options The Stormtossed (Astral Beings), and Project Odyssey and Aeneid and other projects psychics. And the Psymbiotes, Odic Symbiotes and their Anchored host.

          The Stormtossed are composed of multiple subtypes based on their Genesis Mundi.

          The Chill Winds-Those washed Ashore from the Dreaming
          The Harrowed-Those washed Ashore from the Underworld
          The Vulgar-Those washed Ashore from the Astral
          The Beyond- Those washed Ashore from Beyond
          The Forgotten- Those washed ashore from the Abyss
          The Breath of the World- Those washed Ashore from the Shadow of the World
          The Ensnared- Those washed Ashore from the Digital Web

          The Stormtossed congeal in their Genesis Mundi and they use their Silver Cord fragment to return to the Earth.

          Some Stormtossed permanently synchronize with Latents. These then become the Latents Ratio Imago. These Latents become Anchors and the Stormtossed become Psymbiotes, or Odic Symbiotes. They dwell in the Anchor’s Oneiro Mundi when active.

          The Deus ex Nihilos
          These are Spontaneously Generated Psionic Beings (SGPBs), unlike the Stormtossed they have no Silver Cord Fragment and thus they swell in their Genesis Mundi becoming shadows of the gods of old or beings of recombined myth. These beings may develop powers reminiscent of the denizens of their Genesis Mundi developing mastery of Arcanoi, Charms, or Redes.

          Odic Mastery are the boons one gains each time they raise their Animus
          Example of an Odic Mastery: Attunement causes armor and weapons to weigh less lifted somewhat by one’s personal psychic field, their Odic Force. Encumbrance and penalties are removed. One of the possibilities this opens up is to wield weapons much larger than normally possible.
          Psychic’s are dubbed Homo Universalis by Scientists who know of them in the government.

          Psychics may combine two or more Psychic powers in the form of techniques called Synergos. Odic Symbiotes sometimes manifest their powers in the form of Synergos rather than individual paths.

          Siderealite is a special Meteoric Iron that naturally conducts Odic Forces.

          Pentex Special Project Division is one of the sources of psychic cultivation in the World of Darkness. Through Project Odyssey they train Psiads and even have their own brand of Psions due to secret connections with Project Ginunngagap. Project Aeneid merges banes with Psychics to create Braineaters. After the Eye of the Wyrm and the Avatar Storm resulted in the rise of Psiads and Psions Braineaters were similarly upgraded, with the Banes merging with the psychic’s Ratio Imago, giving them stranger powers, and a propensity towards Psychic Vampirism along with their penchant for braineating. When Latents go through Aeneids version of the Psion Process they intentionally merge the Bane with the Latents mind to artificially replace the unformed Imago Ratio resulting in a Psion rather than a Psiad. They have also managed to facilitate the Anchoring process which binds Odic Symbiotes by corrupting these Symbiotes with Wyrmish taint making them akin to Banes.

          Some Latents went into a coma after the Week of Nightmares, along with Astral Projecting Psychics. Their bodies became empty vessels perfectly suited for inhabitation by the Stormtossed. When the Stormtossed Anchor to such a host they Synchronize with their brain and vestigial memories forming beings known among themselves as Psineaters, but others call them Psinners. Strikeforce Zero has dubbed similar beings as Kamikakushi.

          Mystics and the Lucid started cooperating and forming groups called Psynods, after the Mystic assemblies within the auspices of the Traditions.

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            Universalis grow and learn to more acutely define their Oneiro Mundi and may do things such as dilate or contract perceived time allowing for things like meditating to enter your Oneiro Mundui just so you can make intricate plans for dire situations on a timelimit, or even to practice digesting some medical texts for an exam. On some level your Ratio Imago is the God of your Oneiro Mundi, with the Egregore the Opener of Ways and connector between the Psynod. The Cordis Mundi grows with the Psynod, so when members grow their Oneiro Mundi from simple cabins to sprawling Manners to miniature worlds the Cordis Mundi will grow along with it.

            High level Psynods could appear like a Pantheon with their Egregore presiding over the Yggdrasil of a Cordis Mundi with individual Oneiro Mundi emulating the 9 realms. And more through the Egregore its possible to venture beyond the groups Demesne (the overall territory of the Psynods Inner Worlds) even without having Astral Projection to do so, though it may be dangerous as you are tied to the Cordis Mundi rather then directly to the individual members corporeal forms.

            I'm thinking the Deintus Homine are probably closest to Chimerical beings rather than say Umbral or Plasmic, but individual powers may allow the cultivation of a number of alternatives.

            The more I think about this the more excited I get fleshing it out. Maybe next game I run will be an at home test game to try things out, but starting games for me is always a pipe dream, so hard to coordinate my friends schedules.
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              I'm really interested in this and I check everyday to see if you've posted more brainstorming. So great job! Looking forward to more. (I especially love the Norse influences.)


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                Originally posted by KnightFenrirWulfhart View Post
                I'm really interested in this and I check everyday to see if you've posted more brainstorming. So great job! Looking forward to more. (I especially love the Norse influences.)
                Thank you this is very encourage to hear people enjoy even the earliest ideas for this project.

                There are even more bits of Norse inspiration that aren't immediately obvious. Like Psions don't know but the Higher ups in Project Ginunngagap designed the Well of Mimir so that when Latent Psychics are dunked for Metaphysical Surgery they consider the process Sacrificing their Third Eye to the Well of Mimir Like Odin gave his eye, this is reflected in Psions breaking their mastery of a Specific Psychic Path if they enlightened as Psiads and are artificially reconstructed to have a wider competency in multiple Psychic paths.

                I'm also still working on a threefold aspect to the Ratio Imago. I'm thinking your Ratio Imago has three Facets.

                Urdr rules the facet representing your past through the lens of your Ratio Imago and aspects of this spawn Deintus Homine called
                representing ones past and memories.

                Verdandi rules the facet representing your current consciousness, the Ratio Imago as it is now, what you currently want and feel and it spawns the Deintus Homine called
                which represent the your current emotional state, desires and the part of you that protects itself.

                Skuld rules the facet representing the Ratio Imago in its idealized form, it represents your ideal evolution as well as what you are fated to become and it spawns Deintus Homine called
                which represent future actions and things and actions about to be decided upon or happen.

                These will be referenced with further Mechanics I am ruminating upon.

                It is a time for great deeds!


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                  I stepped away from the project during my banishment but here is a bit more.

                  Note the assumptions of Project Ginnungagap makes about the relations of Supernatural beings might not be accurate, they are a legion of psychics so they can gather information like the dickens but they don't always come to correct conclusions or they incorporate incorrect extrapolations and inferences.

                  Here is a bit from the ideas I was thinking about the internal terminology used by Project Ginunngagap.

                  Augoeides- the Astral Form

                  Project Ginnungagap developed the Taxonomy for paranormal phenomena, as they are a group influenced and birthed by the Technocracy but not directly aware of the Technocracy they took the initiative to define the paranormal world through their research from the investigation of Odic Forces (Psychic Phenomena) outwards. Officially the Psions make up the Norn Foundation. The Transcendant splintering off from the Norns shared the initial taxonomical approach.

                  Homo Universalis (Psychics)
                  Homo Universalis Suprus (Psiads)
                  Homo Universalis Excultus (Psions)
                  Homo Universalis Saccharum (Psynths)
                  Homo Universalis Symbiotus (Psymbiote)
                  Homo Universalis Praefurus (Stormtossed)
                  Homo Universalis Laevisomnus (Latents)
                  Homo Universalis Simplexus (Psymps)

                  Figura Cogitamentum (Thoughtforms)
                  Figura Cogitamentum Halucinorum (Chimerical Thoughtforms)
                  Figura Cogitamentum Conquietus (Plasmic Thoughtforms)

                  Homo Iridus (Changelings) so called for their Rainbow Aura
                  Homo Sapien Exsomnus (Mages)
                  Homo Lupus (Werewolves)
                  Homo Infernus (Fallen)
                  Homo Sanguisugus Occidentus (Cainite vampires)
                  Homo Bellicosus (Revanents/Dhampir/Dhampyre)
                  Homo Sanguisugus Orientalis (Wan Gui)
                  Homo Sapien Aurus (Imbued)
                  Homo Monstrus (Fomori)
                  Homo Immortalis (Mummy and Hsien)

                  It is a time for great deeds!


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                    I'm contemplating how common I want Aura reading to be, since they don't have it as a power for a path, I can have it be one of the Perks you chose when you raise your Animus, or as one of the Synchronized powers (basically combo powers of multiple disciplines). Or it could be part of a new Psychic path when I create a bunch. I'm thinking it will be an available Animus perk.

                    A lot of their Nomenclature is derived from Astral Projection/Aura sensing so maybe I'll make anything beyond basic Homo Universalis might have an easy access to Aura reading. Though not all psychics will have any sort of talent for sensing things, like a Telekinetic or Teleporter. Maybe working on the Animus system will give me a better grasp on how individual PCs evolve as they gain experience. I may have two category of Animus related bonuses, like a group of boons that can only be gained when leveling your Animus, and a general pool of Basic Psychic Bonuses that can be purchased by anyone with Animus at the appropriate level.

                    It is a time for great deeds!


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                      I'd be personally tempted to backdoor Adventure! By way of Empowerment by the High Umbra sumtotal as Hope in the face of the Apocalypse....


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                        Originally posted by Lian View Post
                        I'd be personally tempted to backdoor Adventure! By way of Empowerment by the High Umbra sumtotal as Hope in the face of the Apocalypse....
                        I've been thinking of ways to include Talent like beings along with Empowered beings. I was including things like the Universal Human conscious for Psychics. Back in the day I was thinking the World of Darkness Mirror's Dark Heroes as inspiration for Talents. If a spirit of hope is empowering I would imagine though Fear and despair would make foils, but we kind of have that already with all sorts of demonic possessed. But the various Mummies seem to be the splat connected to hope. And Hunter is somewhat tied to the concept as well, they are kind of like the last ditch damage control measure of Humanities protection. And some Fae would also represent hope. But that also just means they would resonate well with many other beings if such fellas were thought up.

                        But it would be interesting to have Adventure style assorted Inspired activated by High Umbral/Astral embodiments of Archetypes or Emotions activated by various Apocalypse triggers.

                        But I do intent do have a Trinity of secret Projects Tied to Project Ginungagap. It is great fun to brainstorm this.

                        It is a time for great deeds!


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                          The idea isn't they are inspired by hope. Everything has a spirit in theory anyway. There should be a High level spirit who represents the sum total of the High Umbra. A god made up of the sumtotal of human will and and culture. Just like Fera are sort of the defenders of the Middle Umbra and empowered by it these would be a save something of humanity at all costs group.


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                            Originally posted by Lian View Post
                            The idea isn't they are inspired by hope. Everything has a spirit in theory anyway. There should be a High level spirit who represents the sum total of the High Umbra. A god made up of the sumtotal of human will and and culture. Just like Fera are sort of the defenders of the Middle Umbra and empowered by it these would be a save something of humanity at all costs group.
                            I meant designing them is inspired by Hope, which as you mentioned would be like an Astral Embodiment of Humanities Hope.

                            And I always figured the sum total of humanity in the High Umbra would be more like Berserk's take. A beating heart of darkness, awakened by the first Murder.

                            It is a time for great deeds!


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                              There's stuff like this in Sorcerer's Handbook Revised.

                              Check out my Sorcerer 20th homebrew and my update to Highlander: the Gathering for 20th Anniversary edition.