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How to best use the amkhat in a non-mummy(MTR) game?

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  • How to best use the amkhat in a non-mummy(MTR) game?

    For those not aware that might be just browsing, the basic premise of the amkhat is that they are a group that practice cannibalistic rituals, getting (temporarily) qualities of the bodies they consume, attributes, skills, memories, etc.

    I Think they are a really interesting buch that sadly they are mostly used a lesser enemies even in mummy. So Im interested in using them in others games too.

    How would they best fit in a vampire game? I know Giovanni embraced a cannibal family, but there is nothing abour rituals. Would some clan try to make them into revenants? Which sects or clans would best try to make use of them? Would they be the origin of the nagarajah? Or a twin o rival family?

    In a werewolf game, how would they be seen, would they be a formori? or would they have high chances of becoming formori *because* of what they do?

    In mage (which I IDK much about) they would probably fit better as sorcerer with a unique path of hedge magic, probably.

    And in changeling, there is already a thallain that has the need of eating flesh as a frailty, a redcap based thallain. Bogies sometimes also eat human parts. Would amkhat be seen as redcaps kinains that have aquired taste for human flesh?

    What is the best way to use Amkhat in a chronicle? They have no supernatural powers, but can get pretty strong and skilled, they could be deceptively strong, probably the strongest "normal" humans someone has to fight. are They best as questionable allies that makes body disappear for you? or as atagonists? If they are antagonists, them would they fir best on a murder investigation game?

    And finally, which powers would Amkhat gain by eating the above mentioned supernaturals? Would they ge enchanted by eating a changeling? Would they become some kind of special ghoul by consuming vampires? Maybe a ghoul that can use disciplines higher than the limit? And what if they consume the heart of a garou? To they get acess to fury? Im really interested in any suggestions!

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    I'm always a big fan of using Antagonists and Resources from one gameline to for other games, and Mummy has some juicy bits. So bump.

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