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What will happen if Wan Gui and Yama Kings realize the truth of Hunter?

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    Originally posted by Rock113 View Post
    That's why "Lost Creeds", Wayward and Hermit, exist. Because ministers themselves are flawed.

    Wan Xian are also created by Ebon Dragon and Scarlet Queen, but under the order of August Personage. That's the difference
    That may have been one factor (or at least one of the explanations given among the Hunter material) but Fyodor had his speculation that the blood of modern Hunters was weaker than it was in ancient times. Whether this is because ancient hunter bloodlines thinned through interbreeding with other humans, or just because humanity in general might have declined I suppose is up for debate.. but its another factor (and not a new one. DtF takes a similar tack with its views on ancient vs modern humanity.)

    Dark Age Inquisitor is just a spiritual prequel having similiar settings and doesn't have any real connection with HtR
    Says who? I certainly don't recall that. And it's not as if KoTE is tightly connected to Hunter either (no more than any of the other settings are or crossovers in general) so I don't see why you'd assume one and then disregard another given such connections are interpretive if not arbitrary to begin with. After all Hunters being invested with power have a strongly religious overtone to them to begin with (especially due to Fall from Grace), which is also true of DA:I (The fact they distort their view of that empowering through Christian overtones doesn't change that either. Tons of Hunters do the same thing. Like Crusader17.)

    Edit: We also have extensive crossover between HtR and DtF (at least as much as any crossover between those and KotE, which can ALSO have crossover with DtF. Despite the fact the latter has rather blatantly Judeo-Christian overtones and the former.. doesn't. If we can overlook the superficial aspects of DtF when considering it relative to KoTE - or even KotE's own window dressing - we can overlook DA:I's superficial religious overtones.)

    It's not as if Dark Age Inquisitors would be the true apex either. I suspect if we were going that route (the truly ancient, hercules-type heroes) you'd have something that looks closer to the Time of Judgement Shih (possibly a bit higher level powers.. but really just a much larger pool of power to draw on to fight supernaturals on a more equal term. Indeed ToJ implied quite a bit of similarity between Hunters and Shih and that Hunters might get empowered similarly. Hunters whose bodies can channel more power at the higher virtue levels without breaking physically or mentally are going to be a much different prospect than your usual hunter. As Fall from Grace notes, even the low level edges for the 'extremists' get truly insane. And that's before they start risking conviction. Give them MORE conviction to risk... need I say more?)

    I wonder how really useful do they

    They're pretty weak, if they have free access to Level 4-5 Edges as I said above, things may be much better and easier

    TIPS: I'm writing a work, Hunters are returned to their true form, having really great powers just like Wan Xian. I'm consulting HtR, DtF and KotE. Welcome everyone who is glad to help me
    I think it depends? We don't have solid numbers for Hunter - indeed I'm not even sure we have the ratios we had implied in other settings. I've seen mentions of thousands (maybe tens of thousands) but I do think it would depend on how common they are. If we assume 10K cities on Earth and at least a handful per each city at least, you might get Hunters being competitive with vampires but that's complete guesswork.

    Broadly, the more hunters you have and the more willing/better able they are to coordinate (share information and resources, work together, etc.) the more effective they can be. When you're talking a WAR rather than a duel, other factors than individual power matter less than numbers, doctrine and information (although a handful of greatly enhanced hunters certainly won't hurt in key situations.). Obviously if there are fewer and/or they don't coordinate well their ability to protect humanity will suffer.
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