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World of Darkness in times of Covid-19

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  • World of Darkness in times of Covid-19

    I know this is topical, i know most of us are trying to use tabletop RPGS for escapism.
    But this is a relevant subject and something we are dealing with, something that will even change the way we live.

    So i been thinking, if you were to run a game set in the right here right now, a World of Darkness affected by corona virus, how would your Splat games change? how would you run a game where vampires have to deal with not becoming carriers or having extra difficulties consuming blood, or mages having to dettach even further from humanity just to name a few.

    im curious how every splat would be affected by this. what ya guys think
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    I imagine that once this has been over for a while people will begin considering how the setting was effected by it but that could take a few months or a few years depending on how bad this ends up being before it's over with. But, to go over how I imagine things going on the broad scale...

    -Vampires are going to be simultaneously encouraging each other to keep clean herds while also encouraging as many people as possible to leave quarantine as they can. Vampires are natural plagues upon community and their influence is going to make things worse before things get better.

    •Changing Breeds
    -Most changing breeds will probably blame the disease on either the Wyrm or the Wyld, but I definitely imagine that they'll blame the Weaver for abusing quarantine while the Wyrm takes advantage of the spreading of infection that comes from breaking quarantine; all the while the Wyld takes the opportunity from this disease to begin repopulating and regrowibf while humanity is on the back foot which probably does something to encourage those like the Red Talons who argue for a minor-major extinction even against humanity.

    -Willworkers will try to shepherd their communities as best they can. Some might blame Chinese Progenitors which is unlikely to help the already high tensions within the Union. Some traditions will probably break quarantine and use their power to combat the disease directly to varied effects. The Marauders will run wild while other mages have to walk carefully and the Nephandi will happily watch as social systems collapse and communities begin to crack as quarantine disturbs working schedules and leaves many without safety nets.

    -The Skeletal Legion and its equivalents are soon to see a massive influx of souls.

    -While some changelings will thrive under the freedom to do as thou will, bedlam will be a danger while in isolation for so long. Nightmares will grow and feed on people's panic. But Banality will be the ultimate victor of this scene as streets become sterile and the very outside world itself becomes filled with the Autumn chill, making stepping outside one's own door a threat to changelings.

    -Remain alert for spiritual culprits to an almost certainly biological problem as a precaution, but most importantly, defend humanity and order from those who will take this opportunity to consume them.

    -Empty streets mean that outsiders are easier targets as are targets that are secluded to a specific location. However it also makes the act of traveling to your target a risky one.

    -Demons are most likely torn, watching humanity tear itself apart with a bittersweet schadenfraued. Some will wonder if this is a divine plague and others will mourn for humanity, but all will find that humans are desperate for something in which to place their faith in these troubled times.