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Dynasty? Is that even possible?

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    Originally posted by Nail Eater View Post
    My friend run a Fading Suns campaign for a few years, during which we played children and grandchildren of our original characters (in game terms it lasted about 60 years). And I was wondering if it's possible in WoD. I know that Garou has 10% chance for having a Garou children. I read that many Changelings are spouses of Changeling. Gypsie's kids are often Gypsies. I believe that we could rule out dead characters (Wraiths, Cainites, Demons and Mummies). What about Hunters and Mages? Are there any rules for that? And if not how would you calculate the odds for that (except using ST's privileges)?
    It should be noted that the term "Gypsy" is a racial slur and the WOD book on them is an Old Shame equivalent to "World of Darkness: Jews" according to Justin Achilli. All of it is non-canon and something that should be avoided being brought up in games, especially the term. You're correct in that this is what the book is called but that's not really helped matters.

    Eugenics is also a debunked pseudo-science that takes the ideas of genetics and misuses them horribly, usually for the purposes of nonsensical racial theories. No reputable scientist considers it anything more than junk science or an Old Shame. Believe me, I know, I worked in academia. Feel free to look this up on free sources like Wikipedia to find out how far from a neutral position this is.

    Between these two, I'm shutting down this thread. Some supernatural groups inherit power via the blood. Most of them who try to breed it like the Tzimisce, fundamentalist Garou, and Progenitors are bad guys. There, you have your answer.

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