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Who are the Cabiri and the Ishmaelites?

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    The Cauldron of Rebirth is another good one I forgot. And there are others apparently:


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      So, interestingly, there are Australian mummies. I'm not sure how wide spread the practice may have been, but it was apparently imported from the island cultures of the Torres Straits (between northern Australia's Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea). But I've no idea how they'd work as WoD Mummies.

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        There's a Mummy in "Rage across Australia". He is an ancient warrior who reincarnates from one body to another.

        And about the celtic mummies, there's a fan supplement, the Mummy Companion, by Spikey. He created new dinasties of several cultures, and between them, there's a nordic-celtic dinasty,


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          Does anyone have Spikey's The Mummy Companion? His Dropbox link is, sadly, no longer working. If I remember correctly and he's the person I knew in Shadownessence, he sadly passed away several years ago...

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