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Loving a challenge: Khartoum and Sudan

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  • Loving a challenge: Khartoum and Sudan

    Wow... it seems me and my game group really love challenges. Now, we are going to play a Mummy: the Resurrection chronicle (or at least a story) in Khartoum and environs, Sudan, in 2008.

    Any references to World of Darkness events?

    Besides "Kindred of the Ivory Kingdom", I haven't been able so far to find anything. The country doesn't even have an entry in the White Wolf wikia (but there's one to the Changeling: the Dreaming Kingdom of Nubia)

    Please, I only need referenced to WoD events. I have plenty of bibliography on the real world...

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    There's the Grand Temple of Set in the south of the country (Vampire Players Guide 1st edition).

    And if you are interested...

    Victorian Age: Sudan (in spanish).

    Sudan by Night (in spanish).


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      The Clanbook of the Followers of Set (Revised) states that the Cohort of Wepwawet's Founding Temple is somewhere (probably in the desert) below Abu Simbel. Now, Abu Simbel is basically 30-40 km from the Egyptian-Sudanese border, so you can count is as a point of interest, even if it's out of Sudan.

      Also, it's not a clear reference, but
      in the same book mentions the Children of Damballah, the Setites of subsaharian Africa, and their issues with the fanatics of the Cohort of Wepwawet. Based on what is in the book you can assume that Sudan may be a fringe territory where three factions of Setites thrive: Children of Damballah, Cohort of Wepwawet, normal Setites (Theophidians)
      1. The Cohort of Wepwawet wants to convert all the Children of Damballah to the Theophidian faith or kill them/force them in a bloodboun if they don't convert. And are profoundly displeased with the lack of commitment of the Theophidians.
      2. The Children of Damballah strive for indipendence, both political and as religious tradition.
      3. The Theophidians ironically just want a collaboration or at best integrate the Damballahns in the Clan. Their primary concern is that the Children of Damballah don't go Sabbat or Camarilla and are royally pissed off with the Wepwawetians because it's like 200 years that their fanaticism keeps pushing away every tentative of negotiation with the southern cousins, but can't do much about it (directly, at least) since the Cohort is basically a nest for Elders.

      So, yeah, you can assume that there are 3 factions of Setites trying to vie for supremacy without outright destroying the other two and that at least one will try to push the characters against at least one of the other factions.

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        The Ahadi formed to take out the Simba Warlord Blacktooth who was arguably the mightiest Shapeshifter of the age. They would be handling restructuring Sudan’s geomancy and guarding its Caerns.


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          Nothing I could see in the H:tR books about the region.


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            It was mentioned very briefly in revised edition Werewolf's A World of Rage (in the chapter on Africa). I don't think it was ever really mentioned in Mage, at least not in pre-M20 material.

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              Thanks a lot!

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