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    Sadly, the "25 Years of VtM" is at least on hiatus, and possibly over. Other ongoing WoD related podcasts include "Darker Days" and "Mage the Ascension."

    What are some WoD podcasts, which are not actual plays, that you can recommend?

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    I know of 'Werewolf the Podcast', 'Walking Away From Arcadia', and the 'Midnight Express'(?); but I haven't listened to any of them very much so I can't speak to them a great deal.


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      Mage: the Podcast is one I've been listening to a lot this year. Adam and Terry are truly fans of the game in all editions, take the time to deeply dive into some of the topics and bring on some interesting guests. While fans of the game, Adam and Terry are also willing to criticize some of the design choices and strangeness. They often have suggestions for a few ideas using the book being discussed, or give you enough on a special topic to help you understand it for Mage.

      Podcasts seem to drop about every other Saturday. I've also appreciated a Werewolf: the Podcast episodes I've heard while poking around corners of that setting to improve my Mage game that as a Mage with a werewolf ally and werewolves as a prominent supernatural faction in Portland, Oregon in 2040 (Powell's City of Books is a Glass Walkers caern). (first site that comes up for Werewolf: the Podcast. There may be other sites to find the episodes on).


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        Just chiming in to say thator anyone reading this who has not started Mage the Podcast, it's certainly my favorite one of the bunch, and arguably the the best WoD podcast. Hosts are engaging, there's always a lot of real life context to explain what the in-game stuff is based on; where there is something that might be offensive to modern sensibilities, they deftly point it out and move on, and they have a genuine enthusiasm for the game and appreciation for the various styles of game that are achievable using the system and setting.

        Otherwise I listen to Werewolf the Podcast with some frequency, as well as Walking Away from Acardia, and used to listen to 25 Years of V:tM, but sort of fell off at some point when I had enough of hearing about the one-true-way to play the game (and the continual reminders of their WW/RPG/LARP bonda fides, oy vey).



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          Walking Away from Arcadia is for Changeling, IIRC.


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            Not so much a podcast (well yeah it is but this is the YouTube channel) Nate from the old 25vtm does a part one of a series on the history of the sabbat
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              I have one called the World of Dark Ages Podcast - guess what it’s about.

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                Part two of the history of the sabbat