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Would you like it if the other WOD games incorporated the “Touchstone” mechanic?

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    Originally posted by Shakanaka View Post
    It's not about just V5, I just feel that Touchstones is a mechanic that isn't really needed at all for any of the lines.
    Then how am I supposed to square that so much of your response is focused on the V5 implementation of Touchstones? They're not even valid critiques of VtR Touchstones (which is, you know, a Background you can choose to invest in even if you get a free Touchstone at start), let alone all the other Touchstone variants in the CofD that could be used.

    oWoD and CofD are different lines for various reasons.
    Sure. But they also overlap enough that this isn't a sufficient argument. There's plenty of things in the CofD that could be used to make the WoD a stronger game... people have been porting rules over since 2004 because they decided the new rules had something to offer but didn't feel like converting over fully.

    Generally though I don't agree with Touchstones as this sort of port feature from CofD that now has to be mainstay mechanic for oWoD at all.
    Do you have a strong reason for this beyond personal taste though?

    You bring up "Allies, Contacts, Influence, and Mentor" previous but fail to remember that there completely optional and not necessary.
    You still have Background points you need to assign to finish your character. Generation (a long contentious Background) is the only one that couldn't be shunted off to "role-playing" and doesn't come with a set of interpersonal connections your character has to explain how those Backgrounds manifest for your character. You can't not take Backgrounds.

    The "general concept" of Touchstones or more aptly described "Fetters" found in Wraith: The Oblivion is the only place in oWoD where such a concept is viable or even interesting. Touchstones are a disaster for VTM because its explicitly forcing a type of playstyle or specific roleplay no matter what as now this mechanic only originally meant for CofD is now tied to Humanity with no other alternative. For other gamelines? There is literally no point in the addition of Touchstones for them.
    I've pointed out multiple times places where the concept of Touchstones (which is actually separate from Fetters at this point) are viable and interesting. You haven't really engaged in any of those ideas directly.

    There are definitely points for the addition of Touchstones; even if you don't value them personally.

    Originally posted by Koronus View Post
    After thinking about it again Touchpoints in other gameslines would be only like those minor allies from Mage and in comparison to humanity which would make at least sense to track if it would not be an uproar to "reward" Characters with the embrace. So mayby for this reasons they want to implement them though I stay with my saying, just give players one or two points of Allies only for Minor allies for free and the thing would be good.
    So, what about things like Deviant's Touchstones that I said would be a good idea for WtA?


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      Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
      So, what about things like Deviant's Touchstones that I said would be a good idea for WtA?
      May be or good thing or not, my burned child experience say it would not be but I do not know if I failed the language or the WtA Hobbyknowledge test but I can not imagine anything about it or put a finger on it how it would work ingame.

      As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
      First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
      Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


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        Continuing the idea that Touchstones are an extension of Fetters. Fetters were used to anchor your wraith to the mortal world, to give them reason, drive, a purpose to not spiral down into oblivion. As you resolve your fetters you are then able to theoretically transcend.

        Similarly, Vampire Touchstones help ground a vampire, keep them from being lost to the Beast. I personally believe that they should be like Requiem touchstones and be places or entities, not just a specific person. A vampire can have a touchstone of his mortal family, one of which he focuses his attention on. if something happens to that specific member, they die of old age or are killed, the vampire goes through a grieving process and then latches onto a new member to follow.

        I think Werewolf could have touchstones that are broken into categories, you could have one that connects/reminds you of your humanity, one that connects/reminds you of your bestial/animal nature and one that connects/binds you to your spiritual nature. If you loose your spiritual touchstone, you risk Harano. if you loose your bestial touchstone, you find it more difficult to shape shift. If you loose your humanity touch stone, you frenzy much more easily.

        For Mage, you could turn their tools of magic into touchstones. They represent their paradigm, their connection to reality. if you loose touchstones, you are more susceptible to madness or Paradox.

        Fore Changeling, you can have Touchstones connecting them to both their Fae self and the Human self, if the Fae touchstones are destroyed, they can more easily gain banality, if they loose their human touchstones, they risk more Beldam.