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    I have been wanting to make a game set in the World of Darkness for a while, but I have some concerns and I was hoping someone here could help. The game would use most of the rules from 20th anniversary but would involve the player characters being cyborgs struggling to determine what it means to be human in their now mostly-mechanical forms. But my issue lies with the system itself. I don't know how much of this I can legally make and even then to what degree I can produce it. Can I make a game using a good chunk of the rules from 20th anniversary WOD to begin with, or would that break copyright? While theoretically I'd like to potentially kickstart it, it's more of a passion/fan-project than something I'd necessarily be trying to make money off of, but if I wanted to charge to purchase it, could I? I wanted to post this to a public forum where it could be known that I have no desire to infringe on any copyright but would like to do more than just play it with my normal local game group. Any legit advice or questions are welcome as is any commentary or feedback from people who work for OPP or White Wolf or etc.

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    M20 has rules for making cyborgs, I suppose you could tack on the humanity system from vampire


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      If you want to actually publish a book for the WoD that will involve money? You're going to need to make it and sell it according to the rules for the Storyteller's Vault community content program. Since playable cyborgs are already part of the WoD as noted, it shouldn't be too hard to make a fan supplement following those rules to make a book that requires M20 to use and expands cyborgs to be a more specific play experience with expanded rules.


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        I didn't know that there was a community content program! I'll go check it out

        *edit* As the game I would be making would either be of my own creation, the community content program would not be what I am looking for. (I also haven't used the new storypath system and probably wouldn't necessarily want to make a game set in The World based on scion or an allowed trinity game) I'll probably end up having to make a new system which I guess works.
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          While I can't promise you're not going to run into the same issues regarding the limits of world building, I don't think you're looking at the right community content program if you're seeing things about the Storypath system. Storypath products are made using the Storypath Nexus program. WoD products are made using the Storyteller's Vault which explicitly allows 20th edition based books.


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            You may also want to take a look at Promethean: the Created and Deviant: the Renegades. They aren't identical in concept but your pitch of "cyborgs struggling to determine what it means to be human in their now mostly-mechanical forms" feels like it has a lot of thematic overlap with those two.