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    Originally posted by ryu238 View Post

    I said something like that here:

    BTW, had anyone considered a campaign for shifting Werewolf from Apocalypse to Forsaken, not just mechanics wise via Translation Guides but metaplot wise? Like when the Apocalypse came the Triat just...killed each other in the end and the Werewolves and other Changing Breed are just left baffled at what to do now?
    The Triat underpin reality. If they go, being confused about what happens will be the least of the survivors' problems.


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      True, sorry.


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        I have had absolutely no trouble with crossover, in my campaigns.

        Usually what I tell my players is, “This is a [fill-in-the-blank] game, so will focus mostly on that, but, if you go looking for trouble outside your own perspective, you will find it.”

        I’m getting ready to a C20 game, and it’ll as changeling-specific as I can manage, but werewolves are Garou, vampires are Cainites and Kuei-jin, mages fight the Ascension War, etc. It’s just each splat has enough problems of its to go crosspollinating—-but it can happen!


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          Well I had not responded in the post for a bit now, mainly because I was running the campaign surprisingly. A case of meh lets see what happens was applied. I had to rewrite a lot of the rules for my players to make it compatible under the one system. I had a party of 5 players initially with a 6th joining. Each player had more than one playable character (just to do some testing and to keep it fresh). The playable cast consisted of 4 Kindred, 2 Garou, 2 Mages, 1 Sin eater and 1 Demon. The entirety of it was honestly a blast and somehow we did not lose the horror aspect of the game. I think we had some 30 + odd sessions before the finale which ended in a bloody spectacle with only 2 Kindred and 2 Garou surviving. The two Mages Paradoxed themselves to super death, 1 Kindred and a Sin Eater got dragged to Malefas by a Black Spiral Dancer and the Demon & another Kindred got killed in the final fight with an Earthbound. So yeah it was crazy. Think I'll use World Anvil for my next world just to make it easier with the documents.