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Any chance the WoD and CoD settings will ever be squished into one universe?

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    My guess is not officially, but also my guess is that the 5th ed line will do this to some extent. From what i have seen V5 has a system that is a combination of parts of both (I think the best parts). And V5 also did a lot to streamline the splats like NWoD did at the time those lines came out and it did a softish reboot of the metaplot which will probably allow them to introduce good ideas from NWoD into WoD as the line progresses.


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      Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
      (For the record, White Wolf also owns the rights to Exalted, and to the Storyteller system. Onyx Path owns Scion and Trinity, and the Storypath system; in fact, they developed the Storypath system specifically because White Wolf acquired the rights to the Storyteller system, and Onyx Path needed a game engine of its own that it wasn't licensing from someone else.)
      White Wolf doesn't own the rights for the Storyteller System per se, as Onyx Path doesn't own the rights for the Storypath system. I think the change had more to do with the continuation of the rights over the original game lines.

      By law game systems can't be protected by copyright, because mathematical systems can't be protected by copyright, only a given expression of those systems can. You can © a character sheet layout and your text describing the rules, but you can't © the idea of a Strength Attribute, or the idea of throwing Att + Abi d10s and taking how many are above a Difficulty Number as successes.

      The precise line is complicated, but what stopped Onyx Path wasn't copyright over the system per se.

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        I hope NOT!!! CWOD Is much more monomythic Then COD/