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f white wolf fans that

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  • f white wolf fans that

    Like don’t politics in the game! And even calls for IRL politics to be banned on the White Wolf fourm?

    For some reason, I guess these people never read any Pentex book.

    Or how Masquerade is a social satire of the older generation throwing the younger generation under the bus , and also denying the incoming apocalypse that has no real life politics what so ever

    Besides you can’t be “Apoltical” that means pretending politics doesn’t exist and there for defending the status quo.

    Only people with the privilege of being White straight cis rich men , take or leave like one attribute off that list but not two.can afford to be Apoltical.

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    Yeah, this is deliberate shit stirring.

    We're actually good here about politics and reasonable discussion.

    This isn't

    Politics can be the subject of a thread but dial down the aggressiveness.

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