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    So I just went and bought pod copies of Vampire 20 and Dark Ages Vampire 20, which joins my shelf that already contained Mage 20. Additionally, I own the Guide to the Camarilla, Guide to the Sabbat, and Vampire Players Guide.

    My question is should I keep the original 90s Vampire, Dark Age Vampire, and Mage books or get rid of them as the new books cover everything. I mean nostalgia is a good factor on keeping them (the original Vampire the Masquerade book and the Camarilla book were like my first self-owned rpg books in the whole line) but space is also something I would like to free up for maybe other purchases down the line. hehe

    So yeah folks, what did you all do when it came to getting the anniversary editions of books you had the original ones on.

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    Keep them. The 20A Books contain mostly the rules but are very fluff poor. So all the old books will get you lore which I as a newcommer would love to have and so going to search for old german books or hope for another PoD for them.

    As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
    First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
    Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


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      Keep them. You can never have too many gaming books. (My bf disagrees but he’s not a gamer lol.)

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        I once loved all the books and read everything, nowadays as even reading is getting more of a luxury. I´m fine with most base setting as in the M/V/W20 books.
        Got rid of most of my Offline library, with exception of some keepssakes. I mark my books with a most it, which states when I last used them after 1-3 years of no use - I give them away.

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          Originally posted by Koronus View Post
          Keep them. The 20A Books contain mostly the rules but are very fluff poor. So all the old books will get you lore which I as a newcommer would love to have and so going to search for old german books or hope for another PoD for them.
          They simplify stuff a lot during 20A period, because of decreasing market

          Lore of Clans, Lore of Bloodlines, etc. (In fact it had begun since DtF, we only had Houses of Fallen, not Housebook)

          If 5th Edition has a chance to develop faction books, we may never have separate ones, only Lore of Tribes, Book of Clans, etc.


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            Thanks all for the comments and thoughts. So I can totally see keeping the Guide books, but is there really a benefit to keeping the oriigonal core books for Vampire, Dark Age Vampire, and Mage? I mean don't the 20th edition books cover all that the core books do?


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              In terms of rules, the 20th Edition probably covers most, if not all, of what you'd need. But I think the earlier core rule books are helpful in terms of fluff and fiction. And they can be really helpful in terms of developing the setting.

              The way I tend to look at the core rule books for the bigger lines is:

              1st Edition: all the initial ideas and enthusiasm, but generally not terribly playable.
              2nd Edition: refined, and with most of the big picture setting stuff added: extra clans/more involved traditions/tribes, and so on. This edition (before 20th Edition) generally has the most refined and usable version of the rules for the widest variety of stories.

              Revised: The change from 2nd Edition to Revised, in most of the games, is a metaplot/setting thing. Some big, major changes have happened in universe and everyone's reacting to that. Generally the rule changes are reflective of this. For example, in Mage, we had the Avatar Storm. Paradox became harder, Astral Travel becomes nearly impossible. The Revised edition ruleset is pretty refined, but also very specific to this approaching endgame type of setting.

              In terms of what you should keep, it depends. I probably would recommend keeping the 1st edition book only if you're something of a game historian or you really like the fluff fiction and tone. The second edition is probably going to be pretty similar to the 20th Anniversary Edition, so it might be redundant. Though it could be helpful if you don't like an aspect of the 20th Anniversary rules, you might find an alternative rule that appeals to you. It's also provides more in character fluff and atmosphere for the default setting. So if you like that kind of thing, I'd keep it definitely. And Revised, well, it depends. If you like endgame settings or just want to set up something a little more challenging or apocalyptic, then those books will be very good to have. Most of the 20th Edition stuff tends to ignore the Revised developments, understandably, or if they do address them (like in Mage), it's with very bare bones information. The Revised Core Rule book will be better at giving you context for these developments, should you want to use them.
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                As a Mage player, I find Mage 20 refers regularly to old books, either directly or a rule is an allusion to a prior rule. Mage 20 doesn't cover all the lore, so I like the other books.

                I also have Mage Second Edition, my favorite of the editions prior to Mage 20, in PDF. It's a good fill-in for the effects for various spheres, for some of the Avatar background and gives me Library mechanics, and also the general skill and power level of masters and other mages.

                I don't know other lines as well, but having the 20th anniversary books for all of them (thank you to Onyx Path for the free Wraith 20 and other 20th anniversary downloads during a week of the Covid-19 pandemic), I find what I'd bought in paper or PDF a long time ago has more details than the 20th anniversary edition on the atmospheric stuff I like.

                Thus, with most of the Mage stuff I want in PDF, I'm running with Mage 20 but using parts of 1e (part of Tradition books mainly), 2e (Library and general sphere effects) and Revised (mostly the better stuff from the Revised Tradition books and on artifact building). It makes the game fit my needs more.