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WOD Merits with XP?

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  • WOD Merits with XP?

    So there are many, many many many, things I love about the classic World of Darkness rule system, especially as brought to 'modern' life through the Anniversary Editions. But, one of those things, is NOT the Merit and Flaw system. Backgrounds are cool, no issue there, but Merits and Flaws just go meh to me, especially after what CoD has done with them.

    One such limitation is the lack of the ability to purchase more Merits with Experience.

    Which leads me to this, are there any house rules or game modifications that basically let one purchase Merits once the game starts. And if not, does anyone have any good ways for such a system to be implemented.

    I should note that right now, physically, I only have the Mage 20th edition as my Vampire and Dark Ages Vampire pod's haven't arrived yet. While pdf read throughs are fine as a glance through I don't find myself noticing everything until I look through a physical book, so if its there, well oops. (Though I don't truly think it is as its not in the Mage one.)

    But yeah, I just think it would be fun to be able to buy story and character fitting Merits with XP once game begins.

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    This option has come out of the books here and there over the course of things:

    Adding a Merit or removing a Flaw cost its Rating x 3 XP.

    After that, it's like any other trait: you need to be able to explain to the ST why it makes sense. Some Merits/Flaws are easily to treat as learnable in play than others. There's also a good number of them that shouldn't really be XP based because gaining/losing them in play is meant to be more fluid. A Merit that lets you start play with a NPC owing you a favor would be very messy to use after char-gen.