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[M20, V20, W20] Difficulties above 10

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  • [M20, V20, W20] Difficulties above 10

    What are the rules, if any exist, in the 20th editions (Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, etc) for difficulties above 10? For example some powers are Willpower + X; if your target has Willpower 10, then what does it happen:
    • Roll at difficulty 10?
    • Need extra successes? If so, how many?
    • Automatic failure?
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    There is not consistent answer. The books apply all three in various ways.

    Most cores default to either Roll at 10 or automatic failure, leaving it to the ST first (on the basis of 11+ difficulty being too high to even try) and the player second (if they even want to roll at diff 10 because that's rarely a smart move).

    Mage uses the optional Threshold rule as an additional method. M20 decouples Threshold from difficulty directly, though originally you rolled at difficulty 9 and Threshold was total difficulty minus 9 (so a diff 11 roll would be rolled at diff 9, with a Threshold of 2). M20 lets the ST assign Threshold at whatever they feel is appropriate and doesn't require it to only attach to diff 10+ rolls.