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  • Demon the fallen

    How would Demons react to breathing in Fallen enemies and taking their power?

    Frowned upon?
    Who cares?
    Can I have a nip?
    OMG a cannibal! Run! Kill !

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    Are you talking about fallen eating loyal host angels? If so, then I don't really see most demons really caring besides reconcilers or reconciler-leaning neutrals/factionless. The demons fought the host for eons over philosophical differences and most hold a serious chip on their shoulder over the outcome.

    If you're talking about demons somehow eating the souls of any random person they kill, that takes a level 5 power from an earthbound lore. The only guys who'll have that kinda power are going to be earthbound or fallen so corrupted with torment that every others will hate them by necessity.


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      Yeah, I'm pretty sure the idea of Angels (regardless of whether loyalist or rebel) eating other Angels was more or less frowned on. Enough that even those who do it amongst the Fallen go out of their way to keep it secret. Maybe as bad or worse as Diablerie can be for most vampires, I guess.