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New Lore videos - need help

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  • New Lore videos - need help

    Hello everyone,

    i hope this is posted correctly here, i am a bit unsure if it belongs here or in Off Topic.
    Anyway, i decided to create a new channel for WOD Lore and going more in depth with it than those already out have done. I did decide to start with the Baali and make my Ultimate Baali guide thread here into a video format.

    Now that the first episodes are done, id like to know your input as i am not at all satisfied with the presentation.
    Do you know a low budget mic i can use? So far i was told that snowball and Yeti are 2 good brands to look for.

    I also struggle witht he intro & outro, the volume of the background music and im not sure filing in the dark with the ambient is really fitting.

    Similiarely im not sure if i should alter my voice to make it deeper, i just dont like the one i have XD

    i am thankfull for any input you can give me to improve =) Thank you


    Episodes 1-3

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    i tried again ^^ did i improve or do worse this time?


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      so....i try again...better?