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Are Mummies still Canon?

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    Hello I don't want to hijack this thread but since there is no dedicated forum for WOD Mummys so I thought I chime in. I am looking for some Information on the Undying of MTR or Mummy in general for my Vampire Chronicle.

    I am the ST for a chronicle set in Egypt Alexandria during the Ptolemaic Era. Specifically during Ptolemy XIII Reign. We use the Rules from DAV20 .

    On of my PCs who is a Cappadocian descendet from Lazarus's Childer, and maybe too curious for his own good, got some vague hints on the "Spell of Life" from an "allied" Follower of Set. Naturally being a Cappadocian he wants to pursue those hints.

    I absolutely realise I am bending the canon here, because as far as I know Lazarus Child Angelique was embraced about a 150 years later. It was a concession I was willing to make for my players and for my chronicle because the setting has a place for characters of varous descents. Egyptian, Greek, Roman and so on.

    So this might bring him and the coterie into conflict with not only the Mages of the Cult of Isis but also the Shemsu-Heru.

    Since I gave him that hint I want to do those factions justice. I only recently got into MTR and find it to be very interesting, though I have a few problems.

    Exactly how powerful are they compared to other Supernaturals such as Vampires and Garou? Since they are the mortal enemy of the Setites I imagine them a force to be reckoned with. Are they too much to handle for my coterie of Neonates?

    None of my PCs is a Setite btw. so instant animosity might not be the case?

    I know Crossover Games can be difficult even if it is just NPCs.

    Is there a baseline to how the Undying approach potential enemys? Given their small numbers (as far as i know) they might not favor the combative approach? Or do they use their state of being nigh "unkillable" for a more direct approach? Are they solitary creatures or do they have something akin to coteries or packs?

    I wanted to look into MTR because it was the most recent write-up for the Undying in the WOD. Do you think the earlier Editions might be a better fit for a crossover?

    If I got some things wrong please do correct me!

    If the crossover presents itself as not doable I might swap the Undying out with the Children of Osiris Bloodline.
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      You do realize that you can start your own thread, right?


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        Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

        They mean are you asking about the immortal ancient Egyptians from Mummy 1st edition and Mummy 2nd edition; or are you asking about the Amenti from Mummy the Resurrection who are modern day people who have had a piece of an ancient Egyptian soul shoved into them.
        Mummy: the Resurrection included a Flaw you could take if you wanted to play the pre-Reckoning style of mummies. It didn't do a very good job of it; but it set the precedent that both versions can coexist.

        If they ever do a second edition of Mummy: the Resurrection, I'd like to see an appendix focusing on the old-school mummies, perhaps hinting that the transition from “Undying” to “Reborn” (I think that's the correct terminology) wasn't nearly as universal — or as positive — as the Amanti like to make it out to be.