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trying to understand what souls amenti are created from?

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  • trying to understand what souls amenti are created from?

    Are the Amenti only created using a tem-akh from the spirit of a mummy or are they created from any spirits/wraiths that may have dwelled within the dark kingdom of sand?

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    My impression is that Osiris used the tem-akh of wraiths of the Kingdom of Sand, caught in the Tempest. So its a wraith without their shadow, joined to a living person, by the power of Osiris and the Spell of Life.


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      I'm glad you are asking questions about Mummy. It is a terrific game and one of my favorites.

      The vast majority of tem-akh are fragments of broken wraiths from the Dark Kingdom of Sand. Each corresponds to the strongest portion of the wraith when it was torn asunder by the 6th Great Maelstrom. A very few tem-akh are the remnants of mummies who were in a death cycle when the maelstrom hit. The tem-akh is not a full wraith so, when the joining is complete, the majority of the new Amenti's personality and outlook are that of the nehem-sen, with the tem-akh balancing (and in some cases bolstering) the areas within its purview.