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I want to play a spider so what?

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  • I want to play a spider so what?

    What are my options outside the super obvious of City Gangrel, Werespider and Spider Pooka? What are my options in Mage or Wraith?

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    Life 5. Perfectly transform into a spider (with lvl 5 you don't risk losing your "humanity"). You could buy this as a lvl5 Talisman.
    I think, at ST discretion, could also be the effect of a curse

    Alternatively: Play the spider Familiar of a mage, using the creation rules rules from Forged by Dragon's Fire (or maybe Gods & Monsters)


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      It very much depends on what "playing a spider" means.

      Playing a meaningful spider themed character? Lots of options.

      Playing a character that has at least one form that's a spider? Less options out of the core PC types, but more if you're willing to dive into various supplements.

      Wraith has the Moliate Arcanoi that covers shape-shifting for that splat.

      The Bygone Bestiary or M20 G&M both let you make pretty much anything as a unique supernatural character (they don't have to be Familiars unlike FbDF's rules).

      W20 also allows animals to be Possessed, so you could play a Kami that's a spider rather than a werespider (or fomor/drone/gorgon if your group is willing to allow such potentially highly disruptive characters).


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        Play a demon whose apocalyptic form is a spider?


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          Anytime someone asks how to play a character that doesn't neatly fall into the established game lines, I point to Bygone Bestiary. It's THE go-to chargen set for characters best filed under "Other" or "Miscellaneous".

          The upside to using Bygone Bestiary is that you get to customize the exact sort of spider you are. You can be an otherwise normal spider (perhaps with more intelligence, as befits a PC), an otherwise normal giant spider (for a certain value of "giant"), a Drider-style half spider hybrid (or anything in between, like a giant spider with a human head and/or hands), etc.

          Suggested traits from Bygone Bestiary for a spider character:
          • Abilities: Alertness, Athletics, Brawl (for biting), Intimidation, Acrobatics, Elusion, Foraging, Hiding, Stealth (for some reason, Elusion, Hiding, and Stealth are separate abilities), Survival, Wild Hunting (for some reason, Foraging, Survival, and Wild Hunting are separate abilities), Animal Speech (for speaking Spider), Beast Lore, Enigmas(?), Linguistics (alternatively, take Extra Languages as a Merit, like in the 20th anniversary editions)
          • Merits/Flaws: Acute Senses (eight eyes see a lot), Perfect Balance, Offensive To Animals (predators have that effect on creatures, especially giant ones), Bizarre Hunger (blood?), Mute, No Dexterous Limbs, Thaumivore (if you're an unusual creature in the modern day)
          • Special Advantages: Fangs, Extra Limbs (only if the legs are capable of fine manipulation), Extra Speed, Human Speech (if you can talk), Shapeshifter (if you've got an alternate form you can assume; useful for traveling in populated areas), Size (if you're larger or smaller than a person), Venom, Wall-Crawling, Webbing
          The exact selection depends on your character's exact nature (you wouldn't buy both No Dexterous Limbs and Extra Limbs, for instance). If you have Shapeshifter, you'll need to buy any traits available to the alternate form(s) (if your spider can take human form, they'll need Human Speech).


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            It’s the WoD, so...

            Find spider, eat spider. Repeat until spider.

            Boom. Done.


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              There are non-City/Urban Gangrel who take on spider (and/or insect) traits, including Protean forms. The revised Gangrel clan book discussed this. Some Nosferatu also take an excessive interest in "vermin", including spiders, and go as far as learning Protean in order to take on those forms. (I want to say there's a merit that allows you to take a vermin swarm as an alternate Protean 4 form, but I can't recall for certain or where it is. Probably in the revised Gangrel book.) Although using Animalism to "possess" a spider, especially some sort of special ghoul one, is possibly easier.

              With Mage, there's the Familiar or Bygone route mentioned above. Also the idea of "spirit-riding" animals, which is using Mind magic to project your consciousness into various animals, including a spider (or a lot of spiders if you can multitask). This is similar to the Animalism trick above.

              Wraith's Puppetry power also works on animals, although using it on invertebrates is probably a lot harder than mammals or birds. (IIRC, the Puppetteers guild book talked about this.)

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                With Wraith, the craziest way would be to cultivate a contact with one of the Progenitors from the Technocracy. Then after doing some favor, then turning it back in for your OWN favor; have that Progenitor make you a giant spider husk/body. Then use Puppetry to use it as your "across the Shroud" bio-kinda-battle-Mech... sounds hilarious and badass! lol

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