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News Agencies in World of Darkness

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  • News Agencies in World of Darkness

    what involvement would news agencies have with the supernatural?

    Im thinking right now about a Toad Running a small local newspaper. Think that would work?

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    Seems perfectly reasonable. Supernatural beings would have their fingers all over the media in order to push their secret conspiracy/agenda, whether it's the Masquerade or the the Ascension War or just Pentex trying to get good deflect from the bad things they do. For a Toad I would imagine it less a legitimate newspaper and more like a tabloid (like the National Inquirer or the Sun). It would probably focus more on outrage or pop culture than News That Matters.


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      I will mention that the media has always been sadly underrepresented in the realm of WoD monster hunting, ala Hunters Hunted. (I'm hoping Ghosthunters might talk about them a little.) Aside from the classic investigative reporter archetype found in things like Zodiac (2007), Fletch (1985), State of Play (2009), and Nightcrawler (2014), there's a decent amount of material out there dealing with reporters who find themselves crossing paths with the supernatural, including The Ring (2002), The Night Flier (1997), Midnight Meat Train (2008), The Howling (1981), The Fly (1986), and the 1970s tv series Kolchak: The Night Stalker, just to name a few.

      There is, at least, The Midnight Star tabloid in Orpheus.

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        I imagine the Garou nation has influence. At the very least the Glass Walkers are involved with the news industry, possibly at the behest of the silver fangs or the shadow lords


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          There is a bit in the Hunter the Reckoning about the media, mainly under the heading of avoid it, and some examples of powers being used on a talk show (and no one being sure what Creed it was).