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    Might be starting a Demon game soon, and was wondering if anyone had any homebrew for Demon.
    Anything would be good, especially Lores, Forms, and character options.
    I appreciate anyone who has any and thanks ahead of time either way!

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    In my games, the Fallen were never angels. They are spirits of primordial origin locked away in the Abyss. Over time, human mythology shaped the Earthbound, attaching a Judeo-Christian mythology to them, which eventually became the norm. All demons released after 1999 AD have this belief system imposed on them by what is basically the mages’ Consensus.

    That demons have a Background that allows them to remember things from the incredibly distant past means to me that the veracity of those memories is...somewhat dodgy.


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      Here are some things I do when I run Demon:

      •I refer to their houses either by the houses’s title (I.E. The Devils) or the house’s order (IE the first house)

      •I open up Lores to be more like something between Changeling Arts and Mage Spheres: using the lores that Demon has as their ‘spheres’ with a sphere mastery scale akin to the sphere mastery scale that Mages use as well as a bunk-style system to effect the invocation of lores

      •Demons in their apocalyptic forms can soak agg and can use faith to heal it at a 3:1 faith:agg lvl rate in other forms

      •Mystery as to the events of the before, with conflicting accounts inspired by predominant religious cultures in surrounding areas

      •Demons can feed on Faith in a similar fashion to how Changelings do with Glamour


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        I used hybrid rules from Devils Due & D:TF.
        This makes their powers more flexible. It also allows them to use their own Torment, which is almost never used in DTF. [Also it will allow them to heal all bash damage for 1 faith point and etc.]
        Let the angels do their angelic deeds. Perhaps he remembers Word that breathed life... Let him create an unholy parody that will raise the undead.
        Try to understand the spirit of the demonic Lores. It's strange that a demon can only do one thing per level, with divine knowledge of the world.

        Apocalyptic Form: Don't limit yourself to 8 abilities. Make them unique, but keep them part of House. (Otherwise it will be Earthbound) You can be inspired by the demonic forms of Kuei-jin.
        Gryffon15 has already proposed "agg soak" for apocalyptic form and idea of transforming Lore into something like Changeling cantrips.
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          These are definitely some really good ideas.
          I'm really a more narrative kind of player/ST so any help making mechanics easier is greatly appreciated you guys! :]
          I personally like the Judeo-Christian mythos for Demons, I personally think that it adds to the feeling of sin, damnation, redemption, and divine love. I may not be religious myself, but damn (hehe) Christianity really adds flavor to my storytelling. :P
          I really have always been a fan of the Lores basically being what Magick is based off, so making them more fluid has always been my preference, but the actual application of said Lores is kinda hard to get down since I suck at mechanics. So I should check out Devil's Due?
          I've also been interested in Kuei-jin, so I'll definitely give them some focus.
          Thanks for all the help, I still have a while before we start, so this'll give me some prep to do.


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            Originally posted by KnightFenrirWulfhart View Post
            So I should check out Devil's Due?
            At least, this will help you to create "good" demon. [Those who have high torment and are half way to existence as "Earth-bound"]


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              Originally posted by Alphari View Post

              At least, this will help you to create "good" demon. [Those who have high torment and are half way to existence as "Earth-bound"]
              Well, that should help me with antagonists then.


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                I have a project I’m working on for Demons in Changeling.

                A simple hack for Fallen is to treat Faith more like Balance from Mummy/Dharma from KotE. So raising it is more expensive but the faith pool eventually becomes exponential and faith above 5 raises your human host body’s limits.


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                  Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
                  faith pool eventually becomes exponential and faith above 5 raises your human host body’s limits.
                  Not bad idea.
                  But... Technically, it's already in canon. It is mentioned that Earthbound (and demons who escaped from the Abyss in ancient times) have a large amount of faith (hundreds or more). This is due to the relic and the awakening of their lost powers.
                  DD gives all demons Divine Potential. So they can increase their Attributes and Abilities beyond human limits.


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                    I still need to read devils dues but at least I have the pdf now!


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                      I just got time to read Devil's Due and I really like the mechanics for Arcana. Definitely good for using Torment as a mechanic in a way that encourages being evil. Also using Taints as a shortcut to power is really evocative, and I think I'll try to incorporate the Arcana in Apocalypse Form as a bonus that can be purchased later.
                      The nonstop "EVIL" preaching of the fluff was a little heavy handed and whatnot but I just stopped paying attention and skipped to the mechanics section.
                      Either way, thanks y'all for suggesting it to me. Demon's one of my favorite lines and I was so upset to learn that I didn't know about Devil's Due even though I love DA: Fae and DA: Mage.
                      I'll check out KotE next, and maybe that'll help me work out more for my game.