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    Very nice, thanks. Any idea on how to integrate Torment as something similar to Nightmare dice? Or using Unleashing rules to replace Lore's high Torment effects?


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      What I said before was mulling over a bunch of different ideas.

      The gist was maybe a pool of Torment dice the ST can hand out that refills once per session or story, a choice on the players part to gain 3 bonus dice or minus 2 difficulty in exchange for a temporary point, or something like DtF where you compare your die results both to your Torment and Difficulty with Invocation successes being results >= Difficulty and Torment successes being failure results < Permanent Torment; with the torment effect triggering if torment successes exceed invocation successes.

      It’s still something I’m mulling over though as I hadn’t considered it at length.
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        There are mountains of Demon homebrew projects at ShadownEssence. Most are unfinished and abandoned, but the community was very prolific and enthusiastic. (And if you want a forum specifically for Demon, go ahead and move in!)

        Edit: Ugh, darnit, SnE is down right now. Well look around here instead:
        Especially check out the Demon Project section.

        Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
        In my games, the Fallen were never angels. They are spirits of primordial origin locked away in the Abyss. Over time, human mythology shaped the Earthbound, attaching a Judeo-Christian mythology to them, which eventually became the norm. All demons released after 1999 AD have this belief system imposed on them by what is basically the mages’ Consensus.

        That demons have a Background that allows them to remember things from the incredibly distant past means to me that the veracity of those memories is...somewhat dodgy.
        My headcanon is very similar to this.
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        She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
        My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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          Travis Legge has some writeups of reworked versions of the Lores up on the Storyteller's Vault site, which I like very much.

          These are just mechanical updates that serve to create a less chaotic system out of what's already there in the core rule book. Powers at three dots or higher always cost Faith. Roll to activate is always a Willpower roll against difficulty (number of power's dots plus three.) The latter is especially freeing, as the player no longer feels pressured to min/max the Attributes and Skills that her powers run on and dump everything else at character creation. They're worth a look.