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  • How to determine what has been printed

    I've been working on collecting as much of the X20 books as I can, having missed out or being unable to afford them at the time. The challenge I'm currently running into is I don't know what has been officially printed and what has only been available as a print on demand from DriveThruRPG. Is there a list somewhere that can tell me what I should avoid on the secondary market, since I can just buy it printed new from DTRPG?

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    You can avoid the secondary market just fine. Everything is either for print on DTRPG, or will be eventually. The printed books are deluxe/prestige/etc. editions using traditional printing instead of print-on-demand (meaning they are nicer books, but the contents are the same).

    If you want the limited print run copies for the production value/aesthetics/etc., the fastest way to get a list is probably to hop onto Kickstarter and look at the creator pages for Rich Thomas and Onyx Path, and then just go through the projects to look for the X20 books. The only one that isn't going to be on there is V20, because that was made by White Wolf while owned by CCP (good luck with that, the print run on V20 core was extremely small). M20 Victorian Age is also not going to be on there, since they tried a different crowdfunding option for that (IndieGoGo) but it's not out yet.

    You should also make sure to check out Onyx Path's Indie Press Revolution (IPR) store. Any extra copies of the dexlue/prestige books left over from their crowdfunding process get put up there for direct sale (so you can skip the secondary market directly while those supplies last).


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      yeah, i've gotten pretty good at finding places that carry them. the main V20 book is the only main book i'm missing, which is unsurprising. i'd prefer to avoid the PoD books as much as i can. but as an example of what i'm running into is the lore of the bloodlines book. i can't find if that was traditionally printed or not. a reseller is selling it for about $20. i have a feeling it's a PoD book, but if that's only available as a PoD i don't know.