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Can Imbued Hunters Beat Higher-end Supernatural Creatures?

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    that sounds cool the thought of a hunter getting that far.


    • #17 theory, yes. But theres waaaay too many variables.
      First off: lets go with the canon answers: you'd need Hunters who have officially reached edge levels 5 and have more than a couple of years of experience in the MDG. Problem is, most hunters dont live that long. the average lifespan of an imbued is between 3 months to 1 year
      Second: Coordination: hunters are paranoid by nature, so calling the big guns AKA God45 , Cop90 (RIP), Cabbie22, Witness1 is HIGHLY unlikely. that and coordinating.
      Third: Hunters in pretty much all the senses of the word are seing as Terrorists: most hunters have fought vampires, werewolves and creatures with a lot of political influence in the human world, so the human armed forces would be looking for them. think Sarah Connor in Terminator 2.

      the ONLY way i can see something like this happening is in The Time of Judgement.

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