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A Question on High-End Power Levels

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  • A Question on High-End Power Levels

    Which is more powerful? An Earthbound Archduke of Hell, or an ancient Methuselah worshipped as a god for thousands of years?

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    A the High-End the answer it's "whatever the ST says". Non the least because these beings tend to be "above" normal rules. More so in crossoverland, where the pecking order it's more uncertain.

    It depends on many things that the ST has to decide, from what Demons trully are, to the place of vampires in the cosmology and the story...
    But, from my personal opinion...I say Meth ain't as powerful as Archdukes:

    *Demon it's a new game with less than a ton of lore, and I'm not aware of a canon confrontation on this scale BUT one of the rumors about Kupala that I've heard (don't know if it's canon, though), it's that it may be an Earthbound.
    Since Archduke it's the most powerful category of Eathbound, that would make Kupala either that level or below...and Kupala it's supposed to be, at least, competitive with an Antediluvian in "power level" (to make it relevant in plots where the Eldest it's a character)

    *Archdukes tend to be depicted as "beyond normal rules" in a similar way as Antediluvians are. In general we consider that the beings that are beyond normal rules (Antes, Caine, Incarnas, Archdukes...) > whatever can be represented by dots in a sheet. Of course, some Meths could enter in that category by a hairsplit (Ur-Shulgi?), but in general they're considered to be one step below.

    Because of their nature as "world end" plot devices (and, in general, beings that even an Ante migth want to bargain with), *I* wouldn't say that a Meth can reach the "power level" of an Archduke on blood and worshipp alone. Maybe if the Meth transcended it's vampiric condition, like Osiris...maybe...But I would say Archduke > Methuselah.
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      I tend to agree. I'm not familiar enough with Demon to know how all their various combat abilities compare to those from VtM, but I believe the Mastery Background of Earthbound demons allows them (or at least the strongest among them) to extend the scope of their powers further than Methuselah vampires can.