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DtF: Lore of Forge 5 with Player's Guide update

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  • DtF: Lore of Forge 5 with Player's Guide update

    Good end of times, fellow WoD experts! In my game of Demon the Fallen I've found an interesting topic, on which I want to gather external opinions. I've got a Malefactor player, whose character specializes in Lore of Forge, and I decided to use the updated rules for magic items' creation from chapter "Infernal Engines" in Player's Guide.

    So, there are updated rules for Enhanced Objects (Lore of Forge 1), Enchanted Objects (Lore of Forge 4) and Demonic Objects (Lore of Spirit 4, optionally combined with Lore of Forge 4). But there are no rules for the 5th dot of Lore of Forge - Imbue Object! And the rules for this dot in the corebook are as bland and indistinct as the other rules, which were updated in the PG. It is a bleak and weird counterpart of the 4th dot of Lore of Spirit, especially noting that it was greatly expanded in the aforementioned PG.

    Am I missing something? What do you think about this? How do/would you manage this lore? I'd appreciate any input on this topic!

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    I've always found the item creation rules impenetrable, but would love to hear the input of anyone who could make it useful and interesting.